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This music does not sound like what you hear on the radio.

This music is not trendy pop-hop or snap dance music.

This music is not just the gospel to the beat of the today’s rap music.

This music does not sound like Lecrae, Lil Wayne, Crossmovent, Jeezy, Ross or any rapper of today.

If you are still here and wanting something different and original, then you have found it. 10-20 Tha b-BOY aPOSTLe is throwback from yesteryear with the rhythm, style and fresh lyrics that helped this culture fall in love with hip-hop in the first place. 10-20 also transparently shares the love of the creator God, our father and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. With a flow as relevant and moving as Jay Z or Nas, he does not try to preach people to life but does share the love and hope that is in the bible. In the words of 10, “Only the goodness of God leads to repentance, and his goodness is his love!”

10-20 is back on his official sophomore release entitled, “Revolutionist: Escape From Arkham”. The joint is 18 tracks of thought provoking, hard edged, street hip-hop with the word of God interlaced through it. The release has some all-star features and groundbreaking production. For listeners who do not care to hear another T-pain or Young Money track (performed by saved or unsaved Emcee’s) then this project is for you. The LP is packed with hot underground Hip-Hop with a classic Midwest flavor. The bulk of the production is handled by NoNfiction, 10-20’s fellow crew member and owner of iWitness Music Group. 10-20, NoNfiction and Grafic Tha Praywalker together are called THA L.O.S.S.T. F.A.C.T.O.R. and released a mixtape via on Jan 1st entitled “Street Soundz Chapter 1ne”. REVOLUTIONIST marks the second release to date from Warriors For Christ Entertainment.

The lead single on the LP is a track called, “Back 2 Lyfe” featuring Saint Christopher. The song is a interpolation of the 80’s Soul 2 Soul classic brought to you in a new way. The track is produced by Apache Tha Kid (‘fka’ Blaack Loc) another Indiana native.

Please follow the soundcloud link to preview the song leak entitled, “Demonstration”.

To preview Promo video follow link here:

Track List
1. Intro: Revolutionist
2. In My Lane
3. Work My Plan
4. New Day featuring Excalibar
5. Back 2 Lyfe featuring Saint Christopher
6. Shed Lyte
7. Reminisce Over You
8. 574 (Indiana) featuring Eratic & NONfiction
9. Interlude: MalAdjusted
10. BANG out! Featuring NONfiction & Excalibar
11. Proper
12. Mayfield
13. Pedigree featuring NONfiction
14. Demonstration
15. Ski Mask
16. Zoning
17. After the Morning After
18. Top Floor

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