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[news.] Sauce Remix set to release debut album “ONE”.

Published on June 8, 2013

You’ve heard him on Pastor AD3’s billboard album “No Pain, No Love”(Bag Em’), Dre. Sr’s “The Maturation”(Crazy & I’m Good Remix), seen him share stages with Lecrae, Yaves, JSON, Thisl, Suzy Rock, Bizzle and heard him on songs with K-Drama, Dillon Chase, Chris Cobbins, Bumps INF, Derek Minor(PRo) & More. Now, more than 2 yrs after dropping his groundbreaking mixtapes “Bible on My Side” & “Soul Food”, Sauce Remix is set to release his highly anticipated debut album “ONE”!

While being away for the last 2yrs, due to a record deal with Kingdom City Records falling through and many other woes, many people wondered if “ONE” was ever going to come out. After creating an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the album, the fruit is looking sweet! With his latest videos, promos and singles, you can tell he is not playing and the bomb is about to drop.

“This album will be the best art I’ve created to date and will sound like nothing you’ve heard before,” Sauce explains.

“I took my time with it and wanted to create good, clean art for the glory of God 1st, to show my city and our local music scene what we do as positive/Christian artist and to show the market what i have to offer.”

“ONE” is a compound of positivity, encouragement, God’s heart on sex, violence, the urban area, drugs and all the negatives that plague our communities. It takes after the idea of Genesis 2:24(husband and wife becoming one flesh) & Deuteronomy 6:4(God and his triune nature), representing many things, presented in “ONE” package. It takes you on a ride of having “Audacity” to rap about truth and reality, the vivid imagery of “Gunshots” and the black homicide epidemic, the emotions of a man and the women God places in his life with “Daddy’s Favorite Girls”, it feels you with hope on the hypothetical “Skyline Dreams”, it provokes you to change in what we let influence our youth with “E.O.C.(Encourage Our Communities), it admonishes believers with “The way your rock” and all this sums up in the album ending “The ONE” pointing to the One who can lead us to true change!

Sauce has been inspired by Luke 15 to not be a “Christian Rap Star” but to be a Gospel centered community activist, full time music or not! He has been very active in his community while leading up to this album, from hosting a shoe/clothing drive, rapping at Job Corps’s, abused/abandoned children homes, Homeless shelters, Juvenile Detention Centers, teaching kids at the City Union Mission, rapping at schools, local businesses and more! “ONE” is the artistic release of his heart for Kansas City 1st and then the world.

“ONE” will release in local Kansas City stores and all major digital retailers on August 6th, 2013. This project will be released independently under his own imprint “Fresh Kicks Multimedia”(Romans 10:15). The album features Sho Baraka, Pastor AD3, Erica Danae, Heroes, Eric Ashby and more! He has music videos for “Skyline Dreams” and “Freedom” ft. Pastor AD3. The official album singles will be, “GO”, I’m About It”, E.O.C., The Way You Rock and his stop the violence song “Gunshots”. Be on the lookout and check out the new album EPK/Promo on and


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