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Second ENT "This Is for the hood" Single_BackgroundSecond Entertainment (Archie, HillaryJane & Wretch) drop their BRAND NEW HOT SINGLE “This Is For The Hood” featuring Von Won on June 8th, 2011.

With a heart for the streets as well as for non believers in general, the crew is getting together with their brother Von Won to really pour their heart out onto a track. So many people on the block have their own beliefs of God, and what can be so eye opening and heart breaking is in the hood among the tons of beliefs two of the most heart breaking ones are,

1. “I’ve never heard of Jesus in the first place”. Believe it or not their are people that have never even heard the name of Jesus, as generation after generation of lost people continue to have kids Christ name gets lost in that family tree.

2. “Yeah believe in Jesus but there is no way He can love me because look at how I am living” and this one breaks my (Archies) heart the most because this is people basing the love of God on their circumstances which is so untrue and not biblical. God is a huge God the loves and the gospel says that “Christ came, died and ressurected and we receive life because of what He did. Not basing our salvation on anything we do, we can never do anything to make God love us any more or to make God love us any less, and inturn we receive His love and His gift and He continues the work in us. No matter where you live, from the hood to the suburbs, from the U.S.A. to South Africa, no matter what you’ve done, no matter how you’ve lived. Jesus loves you and desires you, and the Gospel is the only thing that can heal broken hearts, the only thing that can heal broken marriages or twisted mindsets, The Gospel is the only thing that can heal the streets.

That is one thing we seek to portray through this song and we pray it reaches to the streets and shows Jesus so real that people begin to see Him as a God that desires them and they run towards Him.

“Religion is we do things in order to get God to love us, and the gospel is Christ loves us so we freely worship Him.” Lets hit the streets hard!!

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