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Radio Silence Albm CoverSpit Unity set to release 3rd project. “Radio Silence: Retrospective Album” set to drop Oct. 7th 2011. It has been a year and six months since “Lights On.!?” The mixtape (March 2010) Spit Unity’s last project. Spit Unity back in October 2010 decided to declare a radio silence, stepping away from music, to focus on character flaws and a lack of vision. This was a corporate decision by the group. Since the decision, SU has released a single “I’m Down for You” and a few remixes that will appear on “Radio Silence”. SU uses “Radio Silence” to speak on what they have learned, how they have failed, and God’s faithfulness to the group as individuals. “We break the “Radio Silence” with all new music and new passion for the Lord Jesus to be glorified” says, Asaph the group’s leader. SU is also declaring yet another “Radio Silence” for a different reason after this album; the reasoning being recording for their first National / International album. The title and direction will be revealed on “Radio Silence”. Get “Radio Silence” Oct. 7th 2011 FREE at You can find SU’s other music on the website as well.

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