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Spoken urban picThere are many reasons for the change from a mixtape to an album…Spoken gives the top 3 reason for the switch:

3. The project has none of the classical features of a mixtape. All the songs are original, and there is neither scratching nor a DJ. With the changing trends in mixtapes, this isn’t completely a bad thing. In fact, most of my first mixtape, “Up By 13” was completely original music; only 3 songs were remixes. However, the team’s final decision to release BDDN through itunes, as well as other digital music stores, helped cement the transition from a mixtape to a full length album.

2. On the opposite end, this project bears all the landmarks of an album. As an intense music lover myself, I love albums with a central concept. I especially love it when without sounding redundant, the artist is able to make every single song on the project very relevant to the central theme. That is what I’ve done with this project. It has a very present central theme, and I have attempted to write songs that cover a variety of topics, while consistently hovering around the concept of Bright Days and Dark Nights. No song is simply a filler song. Generally, mixtapes are less thought out, and if at all, have very loose concepts.

1. While the above two reasons are true, this is my most important and significant reason for the switch from a mixtape to an album. As I developed the concept for BDDN, I began to realize that in order to accurately paint a grand portrait and truly create beautiful music that can revolutionize lives; I could not afford to cut any corners. The theme is of such a weighty issue that the idea of not delivering album-quality preparation, production and presentation would be a disservice to you the fans and supporters. I really stretched myself on this project in all respects. Artistically, I pray you hear a more skilled writer; Sonically, I pray you hear a more diverse artist who simply loves music; and content-wise, I pray you hear a more mature believer. I really believe this album has the capacity to connect with many people on a very personal level, and expand their understanding of God. The concept of the project was so heavy on my heart (as well as the entire RMR team), that we were willing to increase our budget, just so we could properly deliver a truly timeless and life changing project.

With all this said, I am excited for the April 26th, 2011, release of my debut album; Bright Days, Dark Nights.

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