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tumblr_mz59ynoCWA1ru34sjo1_500Tragic Hero kills this song produced by Dilemma x Joe Logic. Behind a chill/eerie street based beat, Tragic Hero lays out the story of a situation of a hustler fighting the streets, his culture, and the fight against drugs and addiction. I see the song being a metaphor for the intrinsic nature of mankind – relapsing to failures and faults. As always, his flow is on point and his signature voice makes him one of the most recognizable sounds in CHH today. Check some of the lyrics:

A diamond for the earlobe
and heroine for heroes
He’s keepin it a hundred
Why not bring him back to zero?…
This is only better for my story
I’m just counting every day a blessing in my inventory…


Another day a wall I’m breaking through and falling in
Lost the sight of my own heart, learn it’s all a game

You can stream and download the song for free.

Written by Felix (@RedeemingRap)

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