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[news.] West Coast underground rap legend releases first for-sale album as a Christian artist

Published on August 7, 2016

OAKLAND — Formerly part of duo Bad-N-Fluenz, proteges of hip-hop pioneer Too $hort, Ant Diddley Dog has resurfaced with a new heart and the same ridiculous flow.

He is now A. Doulos. And with his new name he brings a new message. On August 5, 2016, he released The Proclamation on his independent label, Kerusso Music. It is available everywhere digital albums are sold.

The Proclamation includes features from Hazakim of Lamp Mode, Dillavou, Ashlei Reign and former American Idol star and Broadway songstress LaToya London. It also features beats from Black Knight (now Brvndon P), Humble Beast’s Courtland Urbano and Swade of STRT_TRBL.

But the highlight of the album is the complexly smooth flow from A. Doulos, bars that are infused with spiritual experience and Biblical wisdom.

“This album is born out of my thankfulness,” A. Doulos said. “I wanted my first album as a bondservant of  Christ to be a testimony, an encouragement, a decree. I know it’s not as popular to be ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’ these days since CHH is evolving to be more palatable to an unchurched audience. And I believe in the benefits of that. But my previous rap career was overt in delivering messages of darkness and sin. It felt right that I be just as overt about proclaiming the One who loved me and His message.”

Ant Diddley Dog quit rapping shortly after his partner, Rappin’ Ron, died in a car accident. The tragedy led him on a journey that landed him in the flock of Christ. He got married and raised a family, leaving his fan base wondering, “Whatever happened to Ant Diddley Dog?”

The increased popularity of Christian rap, and the urging of close friends — fans who too were converted to Christ — got him back in the studio. He thought he and hip-hop were done, as his relationship with rap was rootedin sin. But
A. Doulos was born and this Bay Area lyricist sought to lace his
bars with holiness.

The result is The Proclamation.

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