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[news.] Who is ROJAZ?

Published on January 17, 2015

ROJAZ was born into a family with a strong faith in Jesus Christ, a passion for music, and an abounding amount of love. ROJAZ’s father, Carlos, was a pastor in Kissimmee, Florida, and his mother, Ivonne, was a frequent soloist of the church and played the piano. ROJAZ had two older sisters, Nichole and Veronica, who were also active in the church and shared a strong passion for music. At the age of nine, ROJAZ’s world changed when Carlos and Ivonne were divorced. This emotional event sparked something inside a young ROJAZ. At the age of twelve, ROJAZ and his family moved to Minnesota where his mother remarried. His mother wanted something more for their family, and Minnesota provided just that. ROJAZ was quick to make new friends with his outgoing and magnetic personality. Unfortunately, another betrayal followed eight years later leaving ROJAZ with more emotional fuel to drive his passion for music.

ROJAZ began writing music at a young age. He was influenced by consistently watching hip-hop music videos and developing a passion for writing poetry that soon turned into song lyrics. He performed in front of his friends and family frequently, sharing his love and passion for music as an art. His emotional pain sparked heartfelt lyrics and provided a positive outlet to ease his distress. Upon the ending of ROJAZ’s high school career, he began to seriously pursue his passion for music. Following a second emotional event, ROJAZ’s drive was stronger than ever. After releasing his first mixtape, Postmodern, ROJAZ reached out to sound engineer of Hideaway Studios, Joe Mabbott, who was eager to work with him. Here he recorded his first album, Good Things to Come, and received extremely positive feedback from his fan-base. ROJAZ’s music shared a positive message as he discussed the painful events that made him who he is. Although ROJAZ has always been strong in his faith, it wasn’t until 2014 that he noticed something extremely important was missing in his music, and that was his relationship with Jesus Christ.

ROJAZ’s mission is to share the Word of God through his music. He hopes to reach the masses by combining his love for Jesus with his love for music, and serve as an ambassador for the Lord. He has come down a long road, and it hasn’t been easy, but with his strong faith and trust in Jesus, he is who he is today. When God gives you a calling, you need to follow it. He always knows what is best for us.

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