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Young Chozen - The Campaign Cover ArtHIP HOP ARTIST Young Chozen to Drop Final Mixtape Before CD Debut

LOS ANGELES–90k Watts and recording artist, Young Chozen prepare for the release of his final mixtape, “The Campaign” on May 31, 2011 before the release of his much anticipated CD slated for late summer/early fall.

90k Watts released three successful Young Chozen mixtapes from 2010-2011 totaling more than 45,000 downloads: “Extra Credit Vol”. 1 hosted by DJ Sean Blu; “100% Jerkin” hosted by DJ Wade-O and “Playtime Is Over” hosted by 3 DJ’s: DJ I Rock Jesus, DJ Will from Jacksonville and DJ Sean Blu ( The company projects the final mixtape should bring his total downloads to 60,000+ units.

Laced with his signature party and dance style, Young Chozen also brings about realness through the transparency of his life experiences. Not trying to paint himself as a vision of perfection, his strength lies in connecting to his supporters as a flawed and humbled young man living the life of a believer and facing everyday struggles. “Big Earl” Franklin, CEO of 90k Watts says, “Young Chozen is heart set on letting the world know you can have fun, you can dance, you can party and still be Christian. You can do this all without having to wake up the next morning with a hangover, regrets and a memory that you had what you thought was a great time but it was displeasing to God.”

To communicate his message, Young Chozen has decided to go on “The Campaign.” “My platform is simple,” says Young Chozen. “I WILL: I will be real, I will be relevant and be different. I will speak my mind. I will shine my light, I will pray, praise, and I will challenge you, I will inspire you, and I will make a difference. And if you are with me, WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

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