From Prison to Pulpit: EI The Kings Powerful Testimony of Redemption and Transformation

On this episode of Da Fixx, Dice and I bring you an exclusive interview with EI the King, a pastor and artist with a powerful testimony of turning his life around after spending time in prison.

A Journey of Redemption: EI the King’s Story

Our guest, shares his journey of growing up without a father and feeling rejected, which led him to seek validation through football and the street lifestyle. Despite having a good upbringing, he ended up in prison multiple times. His story is one of redemption, growth, and transformation.

EI the King got involved in drugs and crime, leading to multiple arrests and a sense of worthlessness. However, while incarcerated at the age of 18, he had a transformative encounter with God and committed his life to Christ. Despite facing challenges and returning to old patterns after his release, The rapper found purpose and fulfillment in his calling as a pastor and servant leader.

Healing From Prison Through Community

We discuss his experience transitioning back home after being in prison and how he found healing through seeking the Lord and connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences. He emphasizes the value of organic community and the role it has played in his healing process. He mentions his tattoo artist friend who came home six months after him and now attends their small group discipleship. They discuss their shared experiences of fantasizing about prison and how having conversations with someone who understands can be healing.

Music as a Reflection of Life Experiences

EI the King shares his journey with music and his upcoming album, “The Incarceration Part 4: The End.” He talks about how his music is a reflection of his life experiences, including his time in prison and his transformation through faith. He mentions that the album includes skits and real audio from his court sentencing and prison phone calls.

The Power of Changing One’s Thoughts

Dice Gamble discusses the importance of dealing with one’s emotions and spending time alone. She emphasize the need to confront and process one’s thoughts in order to break free from negative patterns and habits. They also discuss the importance of changing one’s thought patterns, especially when it comes to finances and personal growth. They encourage listeners to prioritize self-care, such as going to the gym, as a way to improve mental well-being and foster positive thinking.

The Importance of a Strong Prayer Life

We discuss the importance of having a strong prayer life with God to overcome struggles. We emphasize the need to rely on God’s promises and strength during difficult times. We also talk about the importance of commitment in marriage, stating that divorce should never be an option. We encourage communication and compromise in the bedroom to please each other and strengthen the marital bond.

Faith-Inspired Christian Ministry Gear

We talk about Dice Gambles website called where listeners can find faith-inspired Christian ministry gear such as shirts, mugs, notebooks, and shoes. We encourage listeners to express their faith and share pictures of their purchases on the website.


We hope that EI The King’s story will inspire others to grow an authentic relationship with Christ. We encourage listeners to connect with him on his social media platforms and check out his latest single, “Finding.”

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E.I. The King, from Prison to Pulpit


Fitness and Food [00:00:22] Discussion about eating too much on Memorial Day, going to the gym, and intermittent fasting for weight loss.

Sarah Jakes Roberts and Removing Wigs [00:03:41] Discussion about Sarah Jakes Roberts removing her wig during a sermon and the importance of focusing on the message rather than appearance.

Interview with EI the King [00:07:34] Introduction to EI the King, a pastor and artist with a powerful testimony of turning his life around after spending time in prison.

Finding Purpose Through Football [00:08:23] EI The King discusses how his passion for football as a child led him to overachieve and become a leader on the football field.

Attracted to the Street Lifestyle [00:09:16] Guest talks about being drawn to the street lifestyle and the influence of a friend’s older brother who was involved in the drug trade.

From Incarceration to Redemption [00:11:47] Guest shares his journey of getting involved in drugs, being incarcerated multiple times, and ultimately finding redemption and purpose through his faith in God.

Finding Healing and Community [00:17:24] Guest discusses his journey of finding healing and purpose after prison and the importance of community support.

Discovering Identity and Growth in Prison [00:18:13] Guest talks about how prison helped him discover his identity as a man and grow spiritually through self-reflection and asking himself why.

The Call to Ministry [00:20:49] Guest discusses his journey of being discipled and how he felt called to minister and lead others to Christ.

The realization of a gift with music [00:26:11] Guest shares a story about an old guy who recognized his talent for rapping and encouraged him to take it seriously.

The release of the first album [00:27:35] Guest announces that his first album, titled “Incarceration Part 1, 2, 3,” will be dropping on June 16th. He describes it as a compilation that tells the story of his incarceration and transformation.

Encouragement for incarcerated individuals [00:28:44] Guest talks about how his music and journey have inspired his incarcerated friends and encourages them to believe that God can also fulfill their visions and dreams.

Facing Your Own Thoughts [00:35:13] Discussion on the importance of spending time alone and processing one’s thoughts to overcome insecurities and negative emotions.

Changing Your Thought Patterns [00:36:14] Exploration of the need to change thought patterns and address past traumas to break free from negative habits and behaviors.

Self-Care and Positive Thinking [00:41:14] The role of self-care, specifically exercise, in promoting positive thinking and boosting mental well-being.

Changing Mindset in the Gym [00:43:36] Host discusses the importance of changing one’s mindset in the gym and embracing a positive and supportive environment.

Prisoners in the Mind [00:44:34] The hosts introduce the topic of being a prisoner in the mind and the importance of understanding and overcoming negative thoughts.

Renewing the Mind with Scripture [00:45:18] The hosts share Bible verses and discuss the significance of renewing the mind with scripture to combat negative thoughts and align with God’s will.

The power of prayer and commitment [00:52:14] The hosts emphasize the importance of having a strong prayer life and committing to certain values, such as not considering divorce, in order to make better decisions.

Communication and compromise in marriage [00:54:30] The hosts talk about the importance of open communication and compromise in the bedroom to please each other and maintain a healthy marriage.

The goal of the show and the impact of personal stories [00:57:25] The hosts discuss their intention to provide authentic and transformative content, sharing stories and messages that help listeners break free from mental and emotional bondage.

Kingdom Branding and Living Holy [01:01:38] Encouragement to support kingdom branding and live a holy life as ambassadors for Christ.

Jesus as the Example [01:01:57] Discussion about Jesus being the ultimate example to follow, rather than other biblical figures.

Upcoming Segments: Haters and Spiritual Detox [01:02:43] Announcement of upcoming segments on dealing with haters and spiritual detox.