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Hey! I’m chillin’ in the car, monitoring my daughter who is sleep while my sister and wife are in the store being bad stewards 🙂 we just got out of College Ministry at a good friend of our’s church and it was very edifying.

This morning I woke up @ 6:30am, prayed, read Excelsius’ devo and some biblegateway scriptures. God gave me an undying determination to reinstall Pro Tools! Thanks to Doc Watson, I now have Pro Tools 7.3 up and running (I previously had 6.8.1). God’s ways are not mine.

I then had visited MC Till’s job at an elementary school. Today was a special day b/c a company brought special skates to school and they turned the gym floor into a skating rink! I skated with the kids, held some of there hands and then performed “Air Jordan” for them. They loved it and some fell on the ground while attempting to do the Air Jordannce while skating! Hahahahahahaha! You would’ve had to been der,

Afterwards I bought lunch for the ladies, brought it home, ate with them and went upstairs to mix a few beats. I then had a studio session with a singer named Tonia Gray. She paid me in advance for 5 hours of studio time! Halleloooooya!

After shle left, we went to college ministry and heard a great word by Gary Chapman about being connected to the vine (John 15). It was bangin’.

Tomorrow I gotta show with D-MAUB and MC Till. I’m looking forward to it.

God’s ways aren’t ours, but following our ways aren’t much of anything.

Signing off!


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