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Prof. Biz Ft. A-Dub White – We, Too

Prof. Biz and -Dub just dropped their new single “We, Too” giving their praise and worship to Jesus! They want everyone to know that there is way more to life than just the streets! You just have to find your purpose!

(Prof. Biz)
Everybody wanna be a representative
Til they see the work involved, now that position tentative
Two letters can’t tell you my intelligence
Black lives matter, some don’t think we meant to live
Real sad when you ‘posed to be the same team
And find out yo gang gang is gang grene
Caught up in fairy tales, wanna fight and make a scene
How many lies them boys made up? Maybe it was Maybelline
Im giving healing, like who hurt here?
Can’t take credit from God, bruh I just work here
For some, 2020 was they worst year
Looking for clutch, they spent they time stuck spinning wheels in 1st gear
How we want the pay, off the pay up
But bounce past an assist for a lay up
Now laid off and pay cut
God hold me down, I stay up
I am blessed, I feel blessed, my dogs and I way up
And str8 up, Im just here to show the Way
There’s more to life than police sirens
And just vibin’
These boys think I’m trippin, Psilocybin
Curious I ain’t join em, wake up, and choose violence
Hilltop candle time
Connect the body with the Canon
Shoot the next cypher on the county line
It’s 1:30am, asking what we do?
I heard Broward baby, then responded we, too

(A-Dub White)
We too, from the same county
God told me I was born to help the people round me
Cause the devil’s been trying it since ’86
He put a price up on my head, it was a hefty bounty
Broke every chain in the arsenal when they had me bounded
They try to clown me, but grace and mercy had me surrounded
So many instances I followed down the wrong path
It took a while for the answer and then I finally found ’em
From Hollywood, and Hallandale, to Lauderdale
Right off of sample, to Davie, all the way down to Danie
Repping Broward all my life you can’t even blame me
Glad I made it to the church before the streets claimed me
Right by the junction of Sheridan Street and 95
You know the vibes, at night the city comes alive
Ain’t no surprise, I’ve been working on my enterprise
…..A rose from the concrete, yea we on the rise
Got the power to discern between a truth and lie
You want money or save lives, man, you decide
Open your eyes, number 1 with a side fries
Cause I’m about my fathers business like a suit and tie
…..Sometimes I always knew this moment would come
When some people thought my rap career was over and done
In the studio at night until I’m seeing the sun
But I’m still just working on myself, 441

We, too

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