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Rapper/pastor Von Won launches rebrand with different name and new singles that reinterpret Rich Homie Quan’s “Type of Way” and feature the legendary Scarface

SOUTH HOUSTON, TX – Rapper/pastor Von Won wants you call him by his family name and look out for his new singles, “Got A Feeling,” a reinterpretation of the urban radio hit “Type of Way” by Atlanta’sRich Homie Quan and “Grace Still Abides” featuring Scarface of the legendary Geto Boys.

Vaughaligan Walwyn (pronounced Va-Ha-Lee-Gun Wall-Win), who recorded both secular and sacred hip hop music under the name Von Won, said he wanted to use his government title for his performance identity shortly after his salvation through Christ in 2007, but abandoned the idea when the change wasn’t immediately embraced by close friends. Today, he feels the name he inherited from his grandfather is simply a better fit for his life as a dad, husband, and full-time pastor of the multicultural congregation atCT| Legacy Church in South Houston.

“I know Christians aren’t always known for their authenticity, but I’m trying to do my part to change that perception by being the same man on stage as I am off it,” Vaughaligan said.

The first public release from the artist formerly known as Von Won is “Got A Feeling.” The chorus reinterprets Rich Homie Quan’s “Type of Way” refrain as a way of expressing the emotions Walwyn encounters as a result of his relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

“When I heard Quan’s undeniably catchy hook, I just felt like I could relate it to my faith and use it as a means of sharing that joy with others,” Vaughaligan said. “Hopefully people will listen to it, connect, and want to feel that ‘kind of way’ too.”

Vaughaligan’s second single will feature Brad “Scarface” Jordan of the world-famous Geto Boys and be called “Grace Still Abides” – a theme that will double as the album’s title.

It is believed to be Scarface’s first collaboration with an explicitly Christian rap artist. However, Vaughaligan is no stranger to working with mainstream hip hop acts having recorded with artists likeBushwick Bill, Lil Keke, Kiotti, and Wine-O as well as having acted in a music video with Juvenile andRick Ross.

“Jesus rescued me when I was in the midst of the traditional hip hop scene and I’m still comfortable working with folks in that community,” Vaughligan said. “They are my people and better yet – they’re God’s people.”

“The way I see it, these type of connections are vital to building relationships and even helping some of these rappers see that they don’t have to be ashamed to talk about their faith in their music.”

Written by: Sketch the Journalist


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