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What excites you? What fuels your passion? What gets you out of bed in the morning and ready to take on the day?

Most of us are motivated by something and it’s not uncommon to ultimately see that “thing” celebrated in song, the visual arts, or even clothing.

With that idea in mind Florida hip hop worship artist Rawsrvnt has teamed with Grateful Apparel for the #IMONFIRE campaign. The clothing company will offer special products designed to promote proud passion of God’s love for His creation.

“My goal is to ignite a flame of fire that will continuously burn in people’s hearts and eventually impact their lifestyle,” Rawsrvnt said. “My friends at Grateful Apparel offer several unique vehicles to help me achieve that.”

The partnership includes a #IMONFIRE T-shirt and wristband. The pieces are on sale in a special “Bonfire Bundle” that includes both items plus an autographed copy of Rawsrvnt’s latest album Love Deluxe.

#IMONFIRE is a concept “sparked” by Rawsrvnt’s song of the same name. In a world where people are fanatical about a wide array of idols and ideals, he felt it was vital to infiltrate pop culture with a message that is undeniable.

“Everywhere you look people are promoting what excites them or what they believe in the most,” Rawsrvnt said. “That’s our aim with the #IMONFIRE campaign – to give folks a way to make a very bold and public statement of their excitement about Christ’s love.”

To get your #IMONFIRE gear visit

You can also help promote the campaign online by using the #IMONFIRE hashtag on social media networks and by visiting for FREE electronic wallpapers and other goodies.

Fans and supporters can also follow Rawsrvnt online through Facebook and Twitter.

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