Breaking Barriers and Redefining Gospel Music with Anita Wilson

On this episode of Da Fixx Radio Show, we had the pleasure of hosting the three-time Grammy-nominated artist, Anita Wilson, and delving into her journey in the gospel music industry.

Introducing Anita Wilson: A Powerhouse in the Music Industry

Anita Wilson, a renowned artist known for her collaborations with artists like Donald Lawrence and Charles Jenkins, graced our show with her presence. As the founder and CEO of her own record label, Reflection Media, Anita’s powerful voice has inspired many to rededicate their lives to Christ. Her latest project, “Soul Sisters,” is a testament to her talent and has been a source of inspiration for many.

Anita Wilson’s Journey in the Music Industry

Anita shared her experiences working with gospel greats such as Hezekiah Walker, Donald Lawrence, and Vanessa Bell Armstrong. These collaborations inspired her to elevate her music, leading to her recording with Donald Lawrence and Company and leading worship at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago.

Anita’s decision to start her own label came from a desire for creative control and a keen business sense. She acknowledged the challenges of being an independent artist but emphasized the rewards that come with it. She encouraged aspiring artists to educate themselves about the business side of the industry, including mastering their music, navigating streaming platforms, and understanding the costs involved.

The Importance of Authenticity and Education in the Music Industry

We discussed the importance of having a trustworthy team and educating oneself in the industry. Anita shared her journey of discovering her authentic sound, influenced by the 90s and her collaboration with Faith Evans on the track “You Are Not Alone.” We expressed our admiration for Anita’s authenticity and encouraged her to consider collaborating with other artists she mentioned, such as Kelly Price and Mary J. Blige.

Anita Wilson’s Collaboration with Faith Evans

Anita shared her experience collaborating with Faith Evans on the song “You Are Not Alone.” She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work with a legend like Faith Evans and mentioned that the song turned out beautifully. Anita’s album features other legends like Yolanda Adams and Tommy Sims, and she emphasized the importance of spreading uplifting messages through her art.

Handling Disagreements Among Believers

We discussed the importance of handling disagreements among believers, emphasizing the need to choose the right side based on who is right in the situation. We shared our experiences of being called upon to mediate between two parties and how we try to avoid getting involved in messy situations. We also touched on the importance of agreeing to disagree and being willing to walk away from relationships that are not mutually beneficial.

Confrontations in Relationships: Dice Gamble’s Perspective

Dice Gamble shared her perspective on handling confrontations in relationships. She emphasized the importance of self-control and prayer when dealing with offense. She believes that it’s crucial to consider the long-term consequences of our actions and words, especially in relationships and communities.

Effective Communication in Relationships

We discussed the importance of effective communication in relationships. We emphasized the need to listen actively, take notes, and repeat back what the other person is saying to ensure understanding. We also discussed the negative impact of name-calling and blaming in relationships and shared personal experiences from our own families.

Recent Developments in the CHH

We transitioned to talking about the recent Holy Smoke Festival in Nashville, where we mentioned that Indie Tribe, a hip hop group, has added a new member named Torey D’Shaun. We expressed excitement about this addition and praised Indie Tribe for their unique approach to music.

Seeking Blessings from God

We discussed our desire for blessings from God and the importance of having God’s hand on our endeavors. We expressed our frustration when we receive blessings that we feel are not from God and cannot enjoy them. We also emphasized the need for proper business practices and encouraged listeners to seek legal advice before signing contracts.

In conclusion, this episode was filled with insightful discussions, valuable lessons, and a deep dive into the music industry. We hope you found it as enlightening as we did. Thank you for tuning in, see you next episode.

Redefining gospel music with Anita Wilson


Da Fixx is in (00:00:00) Introduction to the radio show Da Fixx hosted by DJ Focus, and Dice Gamble.

Handling Disagreements Among Believers (00:03:19) Discussion about the importance of handling disagreements among believers and how to improve in this area.

Anita Wilson’s Music Journey (00:08:37) An introduction to Anita Wilson, a three-time Grammy nominated artist, her collaborations with various gospel artists, and her own record label, Reflection Media.

Working with Gospel Legends (00:08:47) The speaker discusses their experience working with gospel legends and how it inspired them to reach new levels in their own career.

Starting an Independent Label (00:12:58) Anita shares their journey of starting their own independent label and the challenges they faced in the music industry.

The Business Side of Music (00:17:03) Anita talks about the importance of understanding the business side of the industry, including mastering, mixing, licensing, and navigating the digital platforms.

Assembling your team (00:18:32) The importance of having a trustworthy and knowledgeable team in the industry, including legal advice and business knowledge.

Educating yourself in the industry (00:19:32) The need to educate oneself in both the creative and business side of the industry, including understanding percentages and fair practices.

Introducing Anita Wilson and her journey (00:20:13) Anita Wilson’s unique sound as an artist, her journey in the industry, and her ability to implement soulful vibes into her music.

Recording with Faith Evans (00:28:07) – Anita Wilson talks about how she collaborated with Faith Evans on a song called “You Are Not Alone” and the process of recording it remotely during the pandemic.

Anita Wilson’s 90s Influences (00:28:57) – Anita Wilson discusses her conversation with Faith Evans about the 90s and the journey of her albums, including after Biggie’s death.

Collaborations with Legends (00:29:58) – Anita Wilson expresses gratitude for collaborating with legends like Faith Evans, Yolanda Adams, and Tommy Sims on her previous albums, and the importance of blocking out negative noise.

The importance of picking the right side (00:37:19) Discussion on the importance of choosing the right side in a conflict and not just taking sides based on personal relationships or biases.

Confronting issues for a godly purpose (00:39:00) The importance of confronting issues and speaking the truth in love to help others grow and change, even if it means having difficult conversations.

Agreeing to disagree and considering the impact on future relationships (00:41:38) The significance of being able to agree to disagree and understanding how disagreements can impact future relationships and resources.

The importance of self-control (00:45:36) Discussion about the importance of exhibiting self-control and not easily getting offended in relationships.

Thinking about the future consequences of confrontations (00:46:36) The importance of considering the future consequences of confrontations and how they can impact relationships and communities.

Taking notes during conflicts in a relationship (00:50:43) Dice shares how she and her husband take notes during their conflicts to stay engaged and learn from each other in order to strengthen their marriage.

Effective Communication in Marriage (00:54:06) The hosts discuss the importance of active listening, taking notes, and avoiding name-calling and blaming in a marriage.

Family Dynamics and Communication (00:55:15) The hosts share their experiences growing up in different types of households and how it influenced their communication styles.

Indie Tribe Adds a New Member (00:56:48)

The hosts talk about the addition of Torey D’Shaun to the indie hip hop collective Indie Tribe and express excitement about the group’s growth and success.

The Blessing with God’s Hand (01:03:00) Discussion about not wanting blessings without God’s hand on it and the inability to enjoy it.

Anita Wilson’s Latest Project (01:03:24) Introduction of Anita Wilson as a guest and promotion of her latest music project “Soul Sister”.

Doing Business Properly (01:04:22) Encouragement to settle differences and disagreements properly in business, and warning against owing people money and not doing good business.