Regrets and Revelations: The Power of Gods Love with Danielle Stephens

On this episode of Da Fixx, we have an engaging conversation with our guest artist, Danielle Stephens. We delved into various topics, including the passing of the iconic game show host, Bob Barker, the concept of regrets, the power of God’s love, and Danielle’s faith journey.

Remembering Bob Barker

We started the episode by paying tribute to Bob Barker, a television legend whose impact on the industry is undeniable. We expressed our condolences to his family and shared our fond memories of watching his show. His passing served as a reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the importance of making every moment count.

The Weight of Regrets

Transitioning to the main topic of the episode, we discussed the concept of regrets. We emphasized the importance of not dwelling in guilt and shame, but rather learning from our past mistakes. We shared insights on how to overcome regrets and move forward with a positive mindset.

Danielle Stephens: A Faith Journey

Our guest, Dannielle Stephens, shared her personal faith journey, which was far from traditional. She developed her relationship with Christ through prayer meetings and was filled with the Holy Ghost in a house. Her story is a testament to the fact that God works in different ways and that a pure heart is more important than a traditional church upbringing.

True Worship and Genuine Relationships

Danielle also shared her perspective on true worship and the need for authenticity in our relationship with God and others. She emphasized the importance of getting rid of legalistic rules and focusing on preaching Jesus and His love. She believes that understanding the God we serve can transform our lives and help us bear good fruit.

Leaving a Church and Facing Challenges

Danielle opened up about her experience of leaving a church and the challenges she faced in the process. She highlighted the importance of cutting off anything that hinders spiritual growth and the need for accountability in the church. She also shared her journey as a female artist in the industry, facing both acceptance and resistance.

Staying Focused on Faith

Danielle shared how she stays focused on her faith amidst the pressures of the industry. She emphasized the importance of keeping God first and not letting anything take her away from Him. She also talked about her favorite track, “Favor,” and how it started as a simple voice note on her phone. The lyrics are personal and relatable, speaking to experiences of failure and worry.

Regrets and Faith

We then delved into the topic of regrets and how they relate to faith. Dice Gamble shared her regret of not waiting for her husband and engaging in sexual relationships before marriage. She advised listeners not to rush into relationships or give in to societal pressures, as God has something better in store for them.

I also shared the regrets of not developing a strong relationship with God earlier in life. I acknowledged that I wasted a lot of time and didn’t have the substance to be used by God. I took responsibility for my choices and expressed regret for not seeking God for myself.

Embracing Gods love and a New Life in Christ

Danielle added to the conversation by discussing the freedom that comes from embracing the new life offered through faith in Christ. She quoted a Bible verse from 2 Corinthians that speaks to the idea of becoming a new creation in Christ.

Moving Forward

We concluded the episode by expressing our appreciation for Danielle Stephens and her insights on regrets. We emphasized the importance of not dwelling on past mistakes but instead learning from them and moving forward. We encouraged listeners to pursue their calling and not have regrets about missed opportunities.

We also hinted at our next episode, where we will have worship pastors as guests and discuss the topic of understanding. We concluded by reminding listeners to show love and stay focused on positive transformation.

This episode was a rich and enlightening conversation, and we hope that it resonates with you as much as it did with us. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions in our upcoming episodes. – DJ Focus

Unveiling the power of God's love
Danielle with her family at the Spin Awards


The passing of Bob Barker (00:01:56) Discussion about the death of iconic game show host Bob Barker and his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Regrets and how to avoid them (00:04:19) Conversation about the concept of regret, whether it is necessary, and ways to let go of guilt and shame.

Danielle Stephens’ faith journey (00:06:19) Guest artist Danielle Stephens shares her personal journey of developing a relationship with Christ and getting saved.

The passing of Bob Barker (00:09:11) Discussion about the passing of Bob Barker and the impact of his life and career.

Regrets and living authentically (00:09:54) Conversation about the importance of living authentically and not just quoting scriptures without living them out.

Getting rid of legalistic rules in church culture (00:10:32) Discussion on the need to eliminate traditional and legalistic rules in church culture and focus on preaching Jesus and His love.

Lonely Journey (00:18:20) Danielle Stephens discusses her journey of leaving her previous church and the loneliness she experienced in her Christian walk.

Accountability in the Church (00:21:19) The hosts and Danielle Stephens talk about the importance of accountability in the church and how it can help address church hurt.

Women in the Music Industry (00:23:16) Danielle Stephens shares her experiences as a female artist in the music industry, discussing the acceptance and challenges she has faced in different locations.

Maintaining Focus on God (00:26:25) Danielle Stephens discusses how she stays focused on God amidst distractions and the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with Christ.

Creating the Song “Favor” (00:29:24) Danielle Stephens shares the inspiration behind her favorite track, “Favor,” and how it came to be through a voice recorder note and collaboration with other artists.

Connecting with Danielle Stevens (00:31:01) Danielle Stephens provides information on how to connect with her through her website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel.

Regrets and Moving When God Says Go (00:34:57) Discussion about regrets and the consequences of not moving when God instructs, with examples from the hosts’ lives.

Regretting Not Developing Strong Relationships (00:38:18) The importance of building strong relationships with like-minded believers and regretting not doing so earlier in life.

Regretting Past Actions and Rushing Relationships (00:40:03) Regrets about past actions, specifically related to relationships and rushing into things instead of waiting for God’s timing.

Regret and Blaming God (00:43:25) Discussion about the consequences of making choices without seeking God’s guidance and blaming Him for the regrets that follow.

Asking God for Forgiveness and Restoration (00:45:59) Exploration of the process of seeking forgiveness from God for past mistakes and asking Him to restore what was lost.

Regret vs. Pride (00:49:10) The dangers of constantly dwelling on past regrets and turning them into a form of pride, instead of glorifying God and acknowledging His deliverance.

The passing of Bob Barker (00:51:20) Discussion about the passing of Bob Barker and the hosts’ thoughts on the topic.

Regrets and Danielle Stephens’ faith journey (00:51:56) The hosts talk about regrets and how they can hold people back and mention their conversation with guest artist Danielle Stephens about regrets and her faith journey.