Relationship & revelation with Suave Colione and a honest discussion; smoking saints


Even though Suave Corlione grew up in a historical Baptist church, like all of us, he too had to learn the difference between relationship and religion.  Once he started talking to God and entering into his own personal relationship with God, he thought he’d be done with rap.  That is until a church event became the catalyst for Suave to step into the Christian Hip Hop space.   

One of the ministers who knew him when he was doing “secular” rap, asked him to perform at the church talent showcase.   He admits to not being open to the idea at first, thinking that it would be corny.  But, the songwriter says, “In that encounter, God told me, not only are you going to do it, you’re going to do it for me.  Now I do it…authentically.  I didn’t have to change or force my pen.  I didn’t have to put scripture in every bar.  But I gave music that was authentically from my heart.  And my heart was about really worshipping God.  And really bringing people to Him.”

A lover of the culture, the rapper and record label owner grew up with hip hop and proclaims his favorite artist is the Queensbridge legend Nas.  “To me, he’s the illest MC of all time!  I love Tupac.  Jay Z and Kanye!  There was a time when you rapped about stuff that didn’t pertain to you.  That’s what music had become.  People were only rapping about drugs and girls.  That’s all it was.  What I really liked about Kanye was, for the first time in a long time, it was like De La [Soul] days.  A cat that was cool with just being himself.”  And that inspired Suave to make sure he remains true to himself creatively, at all times.

The HBCU grad admits to struggling with insecurities and seeking validation through party life.  Having several women distracting him from self-reflection and deconstruction.  It was that experience that renewed his desire to get closer to God.  “I knew who he [God] was, but by what somebody else said.  I didn’t know who he [God] was in terms of personal relationship.  When it came to change, I started praying for myself differently.  And it wasn’t sounding like it did in the old-school churches.   It was a conversation.  Where I could be transparent with him. [God].  It was a change, bro!”, declares the record label owner.



Revelation is not just an album title Suave asserts.  “Once I understood what that meant I seek God for revelation.  And he tells me what to do.  And then he gives me guidance and wisdom on how these things are to be executed.  And I believe that’s how a man should live!” 

Starting his record label gave the business-savvy Suave the autonomy to be real.  “It gave me the freedom to be able to move how I needed to.  I knew I could drive that vessel myself as long as God was the one really driving it. I walk in faith where some people won’t.” 

 Suave’s only critique of the culture; “A lot of times we allow Christian Hip Hop to be in this box.  Because it’s Christian Hip Hop you got some folks who listen to secular music and they don’t listen [to CHH] because it puts a Christian stigma in their mind.  And then you have the church that doesn’t support it sometimes because they feel it’s too urban.  And it’s only because everybody’s not walking in authenticity.  Hip-hop is freedom of expression.  Let’s keep it real…It’s cool to be yourself and let him [God] do the rest.”

Not only is authenticity and trusting God important to the rapper, but so is unity.  “We can do way more together than we can do alone.  Especially in this.  I’m listening to your heart.  You’re a man of God.  That’s why you’re making the moves you make.  It’s a God-first mentality.  Our whole genre is supposed to have this mentality.” Suave explains to Focus. 

At the end of the day, Suave Corlione wants the world to know that putting God first and putting your trust in him, is the best thing we could do.  It allows us to be true to ourselves and bear fruit according to his perfect will for our lives.  You can find him on social media at Suave Corlione!   

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Did you know smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S.?   It causes over 480,00 deaths per year while secondhand smoke causes 41,000 deaths per year; affecting people of all ages.  Focus and Dice discuss the health hazards of smoking.  Whether it’s smokeless tobacco, vaping, whose long-term effects are still being studied, cigarettes, or marijuana; not only is it highly addictive, it puts your overall health at risk. 

Even though the bible does not mention smoking specifically, “There are principles, however” says Focus.  “That definitely applies to smoking.  First, the bible commands us not to allow our bodies to become masters of anything or addicted to anything.  We know that everything is permissible.  But that doesn’t mean that everything permissible is for our good.”  As an ex-smoker himself, Focus declares “I’m giving you what helped free me!”

While the effects of marijuana may seem harmless to most, Focus says that God showed him that you cannot hear from him correctly.  “You’re not in your right mind.  I need to be able to hear clearly from God.”  And for Focus, that means being sober-minded. 

Typically, somebody, who started smoking in their teen years and maybe even in their early 20s are more susceptible to addiction than if the smoking or substance experimentation happens as an adult.  Genetically speaking, Dice explains, “If you come from a family of smokers you might end up smoking.   People whose parents were addicted to different things their kids can become addicted faster.  And that with drugs. alcohol and everything.” 

Today health risks not only include lung cancer but asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema as well. Smoking also impacts your heart health says Dice.  “You are depleting your body of oxygen which is a true healing element that God created.”  Not to mention the mental, emotional, and financial strain.  If you struggle with addiction, “lean into the Lord” Dice elaborates. 

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Relationship and revelation with Suave Corlione and a honest conversation about smoking.
Suave Corlione
Relationship and Revelation with Suave Corlione and an honest discussion, smoking saints
Suave Corlione