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[review.] Dear Son – Canvas

800pxl-album-artworkBy their ability to paint pictures with their words, Dear Son, a group of four people making art, have rightly entitled their album “Canvas.” From top to bottom on the track list the group was able to paint pictures with their words going back and forth from poetic slam poetry over gentle instrumentals to rapping over beats that go a little harder.

None of the people in the group grew up in the hip hop culture which has given them a unique sound. By going for less of a hip hop feel and being geared towards making good art they have developed the type of music Beautiful Eulogy has built it’s career on.

“The Spokesman” is a track that particularly stuck out to me, one member of the group gives a slam poetry type of sound being the representative for all humanity. Pointing out all of the things imperfect and wrong with humans. He then turns around immediately and provides the listener with the hope that is found in Jesus. That Jesus came to save all of the groups of people he represented in the first stanza.

Now, just like any group. Dear Son has to figure out exactly what works best for them, and if they feel good about the way this album went, then they need to continue to develop in their art. I love the flow and the sound of the music. This is an album that can be played in the background while your hanging out and you can just vibe to it. The instrumentals are incredibly smooth. I look forward to hearing more from Dear Son in the future.

“Canvas” is available as a free download here.

Stand Out Songs:

  • The Spokesman
  • Oh Harlot
  • Canvas (Beautiful Strokes)
  • Dear Son (The Hands of God)

Review by Brandon Moore (@brandonmoore623)

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