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[review.] Abide.N – Love and Significance

Published on October 20, 2012

The very first element of Love and Significance that hit me straight off the bat was how clean the vocals are mixed. The choice of beats allowed for his voice to play its proper place as the main instrument in the mix, letting the listener connect with songs like “Love and Significance,” where Abide.N goes into a mini thesis for the album.

Most of the instrumentation sound relatively congruent, being of the sampled, back-packer type beat. Although this might cement him in the order of a traditional hip hop head, I feel that an artist shows strength in versatility of sound and cadence. A great track to exemplify this sampled sound in “Charity Chase”.  Here you can hear a common 4/4 cadence in delivery, without much variance in rhythm. Don’t get me wrong, the beat is tight, but by the time I get to the end of this project, I have heard this type of beat a bunch of times, and quite honestly, it’s easy to get tired of the sound. The next track, “Connected”, has the same type of sound, but exemplifies uncreative hooks laced with pretty good lyrics. I want to bang out to this project, but it feels like as soon as I get into the groove, I loose my step when I hit those speed bumps.

You can hear how heartfelt [Abide.N] is in his delivery, which allowed me to connect with the soul of the project.

“In My Senses” brings more of a drive with a higher tempo, but it sounds just like, you guessed it, a back packer beat. By this time, my thumb is quicker to hit the skip button, but I hesitate only because I love smart lyrics, and in this song, Abide.N laid it down! You can hear how heartfelt he is in his delivery, which allowed me to connect with the soul of the project. I am really hoping that the next track can give me a break from this type of sound and gives me an audio detour.

I was relieved when I didn’t hear a sample start the next track, “There You Go”, “Believe”. The piano had a nice touch against the bed of strings, plus this track had the best hook as of yet. This track is def my favorite up to this point. “Be The Type to Care” sounds amazing, with airy vocals lacing the tracks as the strings pizzi their way through it. “Love” is another track where the mood is more emotional, but it painfully shows a lack of a catchy hook. “Fearless” has a more edgier sound than the previous tracks. I have been listening to Abide.N’s voice and rhythm so long that when Braille came through it was very apparent. The track is also pretty different than the rest of the tracks.

Aside from “Wherever You Are” and “Peace Come Down”, the rest of the project sounds the same as the rest. I believe that for the first project, Abide.N established that he definitely knows how to be a “traditional” hip hopper. I expect a more versatile sound come his second project.


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