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After seven years, Gospel Gangstaz is back on the rap scene. You may remember them from their Grammy nominated album I Can See Clearly Now. These boys are definitely no armatures to the Christian Rap genre and have been recognized as the founding fathers of the Christian Hip-Hop Movement. If you never heard of these cats, you should definitely check out their latest album Defenders of the Faith.

Defenders of the Faith is without a doubt, one of the most authentic albums I have heard in a while. The album as a whole is packed full of hope, authenticity, lyricism, and truth. Behind each verse, you can find a very catchy hook. I love the west coast feel that they bring to the table too. They made me want to jump in a 95’ Caprice Classic and cruise down 105.

The tracks that I thought stood out the most were Roll On, Caught Up, Walk With Me, and my favorite track on the album Every Man. Every Man is a song I feel like every man (no pun intended) and woman should hear because its full of so much truth. I seriously had to put the song on repeat because it was so good. Aside from the unique west coast beat and encouraging lyrics of Chille’ Baby and Mr. Solo (who are the Gospel Gangstaz members), the hook is what got me the most. “Everyman wants heaven, but no man wants to die. We all want that million dollars to fall right out of the sky. You and me searching for that guiding light. So what your going to do when he comes for you, cause he gives you a natural high.” Wow! Makes you think right. This song definitely paints a clear picture of how much we need Jesus and how this life that we live is just temporary.

I will be honest; I have been sleeping on Gospel Gangstaz. But, after listening to this latest album, they have gained a new fan. I am definitely feeling their west coast sound and gangster style. All in All, Defenders of the Faith is a solid album. After seven years off the music scene, these cats can still come back and drop heat. It is safe to say that Gospel Gangstaz are back!

Review by KJ Golden (@introducing_kj)

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