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Rezin – Anxiety

Following her single “Espresso Depresso”, Rezin releases her new single “Anxiety”. Released on January 13, the single continues her passion for speaking on mental health issues and encouraging more awareness and empathy in the church. The song is produced by Tinohitz with engineering by Poetics and cover art by Ritvik Takkar.

Rezin is a Wichita-based artist who is heavily influenced by mental health issues and reconciling faith in Christ with a painful reality. Lo-Fi has been a significant comfort to her when dealing with anxiety and depression and she desires to bring that same comfort to others with this tranquil, introspective track. The instrumentals are meant to feel like gently, and sleepily floating through space while examining an anxious mind.

Sci-fi and futuristic design are also major influences in the design of the cover art for this single. Rezin’s father introduced her to many acclaimed sci-fi shows such as Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, and Star Wars. Lo-fi art has always caught her eye as it is often associated with anime and futuristic art styles. As an engineer, she sees the influence of futuristic design in the field of aerospace as well. Allow “Anxiety” to be your starship on a calm journey examining emotions and finding hope through music.

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