Rich 99 – Do you seek him?

A Christian Hip Hop song featuring Yago99. Sung by Rich99, this song is Christian hip-hop in the truest sense. It’s a song you’ll enjoy listening to and definitely relate to. Rich has his own unique sound and style.

The beats are amazing as always. The bars are on point. The lyrics are what should be focused on. They pose an important question, Do We Seek Him? As Christians do we seek God? We should. We’re encouraged to do so, not only in the song. Although, it does make some interesting points.

We say we’re Christians, but what do our lives say? Do we live for God? Do we represent Him in all that we do? We can’t just let it be empty words and proclamations. To Seek Him Out is continuous. It’s a lifelong journey. We change our lifestyle to reflect that. We seek him, we look for ways to connect and draw close to God.

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