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What up Fam! This is your girl Blaze!  New to the holy culture family! Special shout out to the homie Doc Watson (what’s up Doc lol)

An ongoing topic in conversation that I have found among believers is “Should Christians listen to secular music.” For me I choose not to listen to secular artist. Based upon the fact that the majority sing, rap, and live lifestyles that are the polar opposite of the word of God. Now there are three different categories songs fit into:  One- Music that glorifies Jesus, Two- Music that isn’t bad but doesn’t necessarily bring glory to Jesus, Three- Music that doesn’t bring glory to God (secular.) Now before we go any further we must know the definition of secular, which is: of or relating to the worldly or temporal (provided by Merriam-Webster’s.) The Apostle Paul talks about setting your thoughts on the things above, allowing heaven to fill your thoughts, putting to death the sinful earthly lurking within you, and to rid of anger, rage, ect. in Colossians 3:1, 2, 5, and 8. Now if the scripture clearly state to rid of all these things and keep a heavenly mindset why would I fill my spirit with these ungodly things with the intake of secular music. Which will just help my already sinful nature to rise up, When I’m supposed to be crucifying myself daily. Now I know there isn’t a specific scripture that says “DON’T LISTEN TO SECULAR MUSIC” but the question is can you totally be gridded up and ready to battle for the Lord if what your listening to doesn’t help equip you?

Jesus is Lord


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