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BRM Singer, RL Muzic ft. BRM – Greater

RL Muzic and BRM's new single is highlighting the fact that NOTHING or NO ONE is greater than God! They even gave him a nickname. The “MVG”… Most Valuable GOD! Check this out 🔥


I got mountains in my way
Don't phase it
Giants looking down my face
Call me David
5 seconds in the game we need a timeout
Give me the rock, get out His way
Now watch Him show out

I got the M.V.G.
He never loss a battle
Most Valuable God
I don't leave home without Him(Repeat 2x)

I pull the trigger
My God's a Giant killer He strikes
Insta gram it, Hashtag post it on Twitter
Get a billion likes
5 stones, sling shot, He's a one hitter
He gone fight no, no

(Greater, Greater)

Back against the wall yeah
Giants they fall yeah
All my battles He win them all yeah
All my battles He win them all yeah, eh

My GOD is bigger than all
He higher above
Looking on down like a dove
Clean dressed in white man he taking a flight
He calling like all aboard are you gone ride
Looking for souls he lock in like a bullseye
Coming on thru like a missile ignite 

Go ahead break all the chains
Of all these GODS only one who remains


only one not in the grave
Only one here who could save
Superman saving the day
But Jesus is playing a different game
Taking souls off and away Eternal life waiting for those
Who chosen to go
They pick up the cross and it shows
Fruit I be bearing when off in the spirit
You hearing me Only happens when it blows

He gotta be in it
Cuz it will be better
Sitting down writing you letters Im telling you
I seen the way he shown up in my walk
Give em to you let em work he turn dead to new

Killin the old
The only one that I do know
Who telling that murderer cheater and liar
To walk off the boat
he will go meet you there
My GOD is whoa

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