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Ruslan – Please Pronounce My Name Right

Published on September 17, 2012

So, my name is Bradford, Brad for short. And in 2nd grade, this kid used to pronounce my name as “Bread”.  What a jerk.

That random anecdote qualifies me to announce this tight track from one of the illest emcees in our scene. Ruslan‘s been the frontman for the powerhouse indie hip hop crew theBREAX. Check out his single, “Pronounce My Name Right Here” (feat. DJ Rek). PLUS, since Ruslan’s that nice of a guy, dropping your email in the lil box below gets you a FREE DOWNLOAD of the track.

Stay in touch with Russ-len,*ahem* ROO-Slon via his Twitter (@RuslanKD),  Facebook and Noisetrade. His label, Kings Dream, hasn’t fully launched just yet, but we had a write up not too long ago. You can peep their website here.

When you get your FREE Download (did I say that it was free?)  your email will be added to our lists for more Holy Culture updates, e-blasts and more!

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