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[article.] 5 Reasons You’ll Be Talking about Ruslan’s JESUS PEACE 10 Years from Now

Published on January 9, 2013

Ruslan, one of the finest emcees I know of, released an incredible free EP worth your while. It’s a short, sweet, and winsome remix to the controversial project from The Game.

I will keep this short, but basically, when our historians are discussing Christian Hip Hop that pushed the genre farther, Jesus Peace will be highly esteemed. And it’s the first much cop release of 2013. Here’s why:

#1 Maturity

Ruslan’s not prone to legalistic hyperbole at any point in Jesus Peace. He’s not the message board nerd ranting about hip hop’s culture wars (not a judgment — I’ve been there). He’s a grown, Godly man providing clarity in the midst of great confusion.

#2 Artistic Integrity

There’s no doubt the guy cares about the artist he discusses and even critiques, and gives great respect to the original. This isn’t surprising — have you ever heard his crew’s mixtapes? Full of fantastic FANTASTIC spins.

#3 Originality*

Doesn’t just drop so-so bars and rhyme schemes over someone else’s beats, unlike like many CHH emcees that lace  their wack verses over a mainstream beat that they don’t deserve! “Pray” probably gives the best example of this.

#4 Depth

As a man, as a Christian, as an artist, every track is heavy — if we’re honest, heavier than the original. Again, listen to Pray to see this clearly. He could have written a rock-solid devotional with all the points he hit through his lines. Instead, he rapped it, with a lil poetry mixed in.

#5 Relevance

Anyone that listened to rap music in 2013 will resonate highly with his comments on the culture. They’ll remember the pseudo-reverence and frequent reference to Christian spirituality. They’ll remember the Game’s, Meek Mill’s the Kanye’s, the Jay-Z’s “Hova” moniker, the Pastor  Ma$e era, the DMX’s. They’ll remember and the conversation, controversy and confusion sparked to varying degrees. And hopefully, they’ll come across Ru’s thoughtful record and remember the time they found the unknown God  hip hop has groped in the darkness after for so long.

Download the album here.

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