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Sam P Drops New Single “Deny”

Renew Your Mind Music owner and Christian Hip Hop artist Sam P. makes
his return to the scene with the new single “Deny.” This is the first song since his very successful single “Put Down the Mask” dropped in 2019.

Dealing with witnessing a lack of empathy regarding racial injustice and working through personal struggles, Sam P. delivers a relevant dialogue in tune with today’s climate.

As he explains, “Deny’ is about my struggles, as a believer, to turn away from sinful habits and thoughts towards others. I don’t just want to be a Christian; I want to please God with all of my heart. As Jesus said in Matthew 16:24, ‘if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and
take up his cross, and follow me.’ To truly follow Christ, I must deny my wicked way of thinking daily and embrace the mind of Christ.”

“Deny” is available now. The track features production by rising producer YJO of Enoch Flow Records.


[Verse 1]

Gotta kill wicked nature just a wretch man
Underserving of your grace Lord you’re the great I am
Didn’t realize that the test coming would conquer me
Fighting flesh my battle scars is only proof I’m prospering
Following the master’s plan I take his hand for fostering
Obstacles they come and land but Christ’s the man that’s authoring
The battle’s tough but its a war that is already won
Pick up the blueprint and apply the word it must be done


I got to die got to die
To myself Yeah
I got to die got to die
To myself
Got to die die die
Die die die

[Verse 2]

Giving up the flesh
Is a fight for the win
Only take a L
When I fight with the sin
No trend will begin
Cause pride gonna end
Die to deny
No reply from the lie
Gotta fly
Soar like a eagle in the sky
Cause I wait on the Lord
And endure wit a why
Get a dub not a tie
Wit my God up on high
I defy any guy who is sly
Wit his eye
In the storm you’re my canopy
Feel your presence always stand with me
God I need your helping hand today
To resist these lustful fantasies
Fighting battles in my carnal mind
Wit the helmet let the spirit shine
Cast all my cares to the Lord above
So im free renew my mind


Got to die
Must deny
This cold flesh yeah
It’s a mess Yeah

[Verse 2]

I wanna do evil for evil
Flesh dare me like evil kenevil
But I know the evil is lethal
My life makes the evil illegal
Commit to the cross so I kill the pride
Even if anger is justified
Can’t let emotions be head of Christ
Carnal emotions will lead to strife
My mind says that I cannot
Let people think that I’m soft
You a punk
Why you let him get all up in your face
Talking to you like however he want
Go ahead and just bring’em tha smoke
So he won’t think you a joke
One little outburst won’t damage your character
You are not God so you fall cause your human and amateur


No No No
I won’t fall

[Verse 3]

Now the victory is mine
Cause it’s in ya hands
Submitting to your Holy will
Trusting in your plans
I know the battle’s never over
Till the day you come
Conforming to the image of
Purity so your will be done
I’m focused like I have never been
Sin will never win
Breaking down the
Mortal body mentality
Slim and thin
Perish the lust for love
Let the ego cease
To die each day is gain
So now your life increase

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