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Samueljones – Pathway

‘Pathway’ is a piece of music that resembles my path in life as a young artist and a follower of Jesus. It explains the ups and downs of a Christian’s life and tells the story of how you can draw near to Jesus through the hustle and pain.

Artist bio

Samuel Jack Jones (or samueljones.) is a young West Coast Rapper/HipHop artist from the Portland, Oregon suburbs. Raised in a Christian household, Samuel has always had a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.
Around the age of 11, He discovered his love for HipHop music and rap. He started writing raps in notepads, and uploading them to YouTube, using his music to glorify God. As he became older, and his skill progressed, He started talking about his personal struggles in his music. He used his music as an outlet to vent his problems with depression, God, lust, etc.
To this day, his main focus is to glorify Jesus in all of his music and helping people through their everyday struggle. He loves his city, his state, his family, his God, and is determined to represent them until the end.

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