Saved – I Got IT

Released earlier this year, this is an excellent song with some incredible lyrics. The music pulls you in right away. The beats are awesome. It has this club-type vibe that gets you pumped up. The lyrics are catchy. You immediately want to start singing along.

Right away, you hear the singer testify about how he is all about sharing the message of God. In the song he talks about people that doubt him and his faith. He calls those people out, telling them to ‘test him’.

The message in this song is very relatable. Nowadays, Christians encounter so much doubt and negativity from the world. It does feel like we have to constantly prove ourselves and our faith.

Many people don’t realize that God not only helps us through situations but can transform our lives into something great. That’s another thing the singer shared. All blessings come from God. All things considered, this is a song that speaks a lot of truth. It shares a message that pertains to many of our lives today.