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This morning I did my normal routine.  Got up around 4am, got ready, did some bible study and hit the gym.  But all morning, something didn’t feel right.  After my workout, as I was getting ready, it all started to hit me like a  ton of bricks.  “Do we have the right sense of urgency in terms of sharing Christ with the lost?”   Unfortunately, the answer I had for myself was “no.”

It’s something to work on, for real.  The “Campaign for Christ.”  I say it that way, only because for me, it translates the Great Commission into work terms that I deal with every day within my vocation of marketing.  Whenever we have a campaign, whether to launch a new product, or reposition an existing one, it takes on a life of it’s own, with everyone coalescing around the cause with a  sense of urgency.  We’ve all seen it, think of some brands that have really jumped out over the last few years (UnderArmor – great athletic commercials, Yahoo – with the dude at the end of every commercial going “Yaho00000000ohhhh,” Motel 6 with the whole pricing piece and the guy at the end saying “we’ll leave the lights on for you”, facebook, iphone, etc., etc., etc.,).  None of those things were happenstance.  Those were well planned and executed marketing plans around what they believed were great products or services.

Think about it, we don’t have a product persay, but we’ve got the most important thing to say to anybody now and forever more.  Man, what if we had a meaningful campaign around that collectively.

I’m going to be prayerful about this.  Stay tuned!


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