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Shammah – Miss Sue

The Story Behind My Song “Miss Sue” :

I began writing the first verse of this song from the standpoint of when I was an unsaved (non – Christian) young man and fell in “love” with a young girl in my Junior High School. I remember buying her a milkshake at lunchtime and putting it in front of her on the lunch table because I had a crush on her. Unknown to myself at the time, we would later end up going to the same High School. I never would’ve imagined that later on, she would be found hanging from the ceiling in her home. It was said that she killed herself because a guy broke her heart. She was previously noted for having a tattoo of a rose on her leg; she didn’t know that she herself was a rose. She did not know how precious she was to the Lord Jesus. The infamous “Miss Sue” introduced in the hook isn’t actually a lady; she represents the spirit of suicide.

During the hook(chorus), I play the role of someone who is struggling with this spirit. Although I myself never did have a “long-standing” struggle with suicide, I do believe that the Lord allowed me to experience that struggle, just enough to identify and minister to those who are held prisoner by it. This song is to let this generation know how loved and precious they are to the Lord Jesus and that through His name alone there is hope, salvation, and deliverance from all forms of sin, including suicide.


Miss Sue Lyrics

(Sue): You know you’re my baby and I will never leave you.
(Shammah): Word Sue, yo you’re my lady for life though, I got you girl ..
Your boy Shammah!

Verse 1:
Tattoo on her leg it was gorgeous,
the girl it was on was more gorgeous .
She was so fly, her face was lit ,
more beauty than Lambos and Porsches,
“We wasn’t christian nah”,
two kids was dark,
no light , no torches,
My heart ran after her,
night in armor with them horses,
remember I bought her some ice cream,
hoping that maybe she’d like me ,
didn’t know she’d be hanging like Jordan ,
in Chicago when he first signed with Nike,
hangin’ inside her apartment,
said he loved her but broken her heart went,
cheated on her, with another girl,
to get what was under her garment,
Hanging from the ceiling a rose,
last breathe, no warmth in her toes ,
blood cold and then Miss Sue stepped in and took her away on the low,
Ain’t know that she was a rose,
ain’t know that Jesus arose
sent to heal the broken-heart ,
King of kings in my prose,
pierced His side, broke His heart,
there He bled, the cross He chose
He loves you , your life matters to Him,
so much greater than guilt than you feel from your sin,
I pray over the words I release from my pen,
When the Spirit comes in, new creation begin,
ayo, just remember that I gave you warnin’,
If Miss Sue knocks don’t let her in ,

Hook: (Repeat 2X)
Sue is my girl,
she in my song,
tell me that I’m her baby ,
Our love strong, together so long,
I wanna leave her lately ,
Tell you she drive me crazy ,
she really ain’t no lady ,
Sue is my girl, together so song
I wanna leave her lately

Verse 2:

Some of y’all , y’all love to play,
ya love to play the game o’ cards
you sweated him so hard ,
because he owned 2 clubs, he stole your heart
Zara, Fashonova, Dior,
BM, fire, son ain’t lying ,
You gave him your only heart,
when he gave you the eight of diamonds ,
here we go again,
ya know this game of cards I hate to sing
Potential queen, messed with a joker
then found out he ain’t the King… (whoo!)
yo badda bing
son thru off wedding ring,
Casamigos, you drinking
come to Jesus, let Him in !
Don’t let Miss Sue do you
what she did to Anthony Bourdain
Fellas He’ll forgive you,
you can come to Him, be born again
My dude, no more opioids
come to Him
with all your pain
cause Miss Sue, yo she’s Suicide
but Holy Spirit fall like rain …

repeat Hook 1x

Verse 3:
Depression will not have you
so leggo o’ that Nuse girl ,
You’re precious to Jesus
no overdose, Juice World
He’ll give you oil of gladness
His Joy make you strong
If you paid attention to this song,
Miss Sue she ain’t a girl at all
Mk Williams,
this real life , no soaps
Sue took DMX
I know Jesus my Hope ,
I know Miss Sue yeah
‘cause when they took my dad off life support
I was so hopeless,
was like I ain’t wanna live no more…

(Repeat hook 1x )

Outro :
No more ‘diction , no more fear,
Jesus Christ is Lord in here,
Holy Spirit rain in here,
no depression, no more fear,
Repeat 1 x

(Shammah): Goodbye Sue!
(Miss Sue): “No! We’ve been together so long!”
(Shammah): Jesus, I give you my heart Lord, hallelujah! I drive suicide out of my life in Jesus name.

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