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Shard – Callin Me

How have you responded to God’s calling on your life? Have you ever talked it out with HIM? Shard makes his Holy Culture debut openly sharing his experience and feelings with God as he steps in his purpose.

God I be tryna figure out why you keep Callin me,
why I feel so chose sinning so much I be feeling exposed.
Feeling like Adam without no clothes the same way I pray in
front of yo throne Cuz I’m unworthy so much mercy too much
wisdom to waste yo purpose now I’m yo servant on the winning
side wit ya name on the back of my jersey scoreboard undefeated

who gone beat us mold this clay enhance yo features.
I’m yo student The Spirit my teacher Jesus my tutor
The book my ruler, measure my faith keep me straight ya
always on time so I’ll never be late o God yo image my worth.
Seek ye the kingdom it gotta come first ya breathed in life as
I came from the fort better read yo word I been blessed since birth.
Follow no religion my footsteps church every part of the earth
gone get this work. In the last days better be on alert in the
lambs book or eternally cursed…yea

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