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This week on The Nifty Christian Radio Show Nifty & Kay C discuss well known ministers who have admitted their sins to the public. Should they have done it? What are the pros and cons? Tune in and find out!


The More-Talk Hour
E-Tizz – Never Leave
Nifty & Kay C welcome/current events/topic introduction
Mark J – Marvelous Light (Premiere Remix) ft. Dwayne Tryumf & Jahaziel
Nifty & Kay C discuss their opposing views on public admission of sin
Eshon Burgundy – Nikon Flash
Nifty & Kay C discuss the pros and cons of public admission of sin
Bebe and Cece Winans – Things
Nifty & Kay C respond to a caller’s comments on Christians who smoke weed
Jus Thoughtz – Bus Stop
Nifty & Kay C introduce next week’s topic

The More-Music Hour
The Spin-Off w/ DJ Versatile

MIX 1 26 minutes

  1. Gifted – Never Had To Run
  2. Pro – Canon (Ft. Mystery, Vizzy Adot)
  3. Eshon Burgundy – Lincolns
  4. Shad – Get Up
  5. Mark Daniel – Take A Picture
  6. JusThoughtZ – Remain In God
  7. Mars ILL – Afterlife
  8. JustWORD – Good Morning
  9. Eric Cross – News Guy

MIX 2 23 minutes

  1. Andale’ – I Want That (Let Me Know)
  2. Cash Hollistah – Get Prepared
  3. Pro – Hot In Here
  4. Humble Tip – Lethal Poison
  5. Sho Baraka – Be Scientific
  6. Big Ran – Stay Out My Way (Ft. Mouthpi3ce)
  7. Da T.R.U.T.H. – South Street
  8. Willie Will – Drinkin

B.Holy – So Thankful
Viktory – Rewind

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