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Porschia_HeadShotStrengths of the track: Okay, okay… you’re just gonna straight sing it up, then drop a rap verse—easy like that! Nice! I didn’t expect a rap verse, but it was a pleasant surprise and made the song fun. This is definitely a song that really makes you want to clap, dance, and worship God. The message is great. I want to be an instrument of worship. I can dig it!

Weakness of the tracks: The production although BIG, and very BOLD, was whack. I think the concept may have been better than the execution, but it didn’t show up. It sounds like the track was just a sampled loop with some added percussion. Help from a musician would make a world of a difference.

Encouragement:  I think on a track of this size, Porschia did well handling it with her strong voice. I would consider some vocal production, and a musician to add some music to this “beat”. I know this may sound strange, but I would love to hear a slowed down, mellow, acoustic version of this song. Call me crazy, but the message is soooooooo relevant. This is worship!

Listen for yourself, and let me know your thoughts.

Comprehensive Ratings:

• Flow – 6/10
• Lyricism –6/10
• Content – 10/10
• Creativity – 7/10
• Credibility – 9/10
• Personality – 8/10
• Overall Production – 3/10
• Potential Impact – 8/10

Review by: Dre Marshall follow him on twitter: @dremarshall

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