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In lue of the growing crime crisis involving teenagers in Columbus, OH; The Columbus Urban Leagues S.O.S. (Second Opportunity for Success) Program has been teaming up with the Sling Shot Media Group label to form a diversion team focused on building up troubled youth.

Across the country, low-level offending youth of color and poor youth who come into the contact with juvenile justice systems are often jailed even though they do not pose a public safety risk. This is because the decision to detain is often based on perception or a lack of alternative programs. S.O.S is one of the alternative programs in which these youth can be sent too. The program which is facilitated by John Ellis (Operations Manager for Sling Shot Media Group LLC); is cutting edge in its approach as it focuses on creating a strong since of community within the youth who are sent to the program via the judicial system.

As the program was gearing up to graduate its 6th Class of youth who had completed the program, Trev-Eaz was called upon to work hand and hand with these youth who have charges ranging from assault, arson, drug possession, or simple truancy. Trev-Eaz focused on spreading the message of reconciliation and the link between choices and consequences as he spoke at their graduation ceremony this past weekend.

When discussing his involvement with The Columbus Urban League and The SOS program Trev-Eaz explained “As a movement that is dedicated to assisting local communities in obtaining a healthy more efficient wellbeing, it is imperative that we work with organizations like the Urban League who are well positioned to understand the problems in the community it serves.” Label mate and Sling Shot CEO Yaves the Street Pastor added  “Sling Shot is more than just a roster full of artist, but ministers and activist who are serving the needs of this generation using the gifts God has given us.”

Look for Trev-Eaz to be releasing new music by the closing of the summer, as well as more community focused campaigns from The Columbus Urban League SOS Program, and Sling Shot Media Group LLC.

For more information on Trev-Eaz visit online at twitter @imtreveaz

For more information on The Columbus Urban League and the SOS Program visit

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