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SSMG LLC/ First Family EMG Presents IC XC NI KA (Jesus Christ the Conqueror)

Armed with his brilliance and creativity in music design, tantalizing beats, entrancing vocals, and intriguing instrumentation, Ron Riley presents us with a hero, our hero, through his brand new solo album entitled IC XC NIKA (Jesus Christ the Conqueror).

Ron Riley has been working diligently and tirelessly on the music scene since his days with Fatty Koo and has now gifted us with a project that will that will not only charm your eardrums, but will drive you to dance, usher you into worship, and most importantly cause you to examine yourself to see if a change or transformation of heart and mind may be needed. As you listen, you will get a glimpse of Ron’s heart for his music and his Savior as he has transposed his experiences and life lessons into his own unique interpretation that will keep you contemplating what will happen next.

The album opener, “Red Diamonds, Dark Rubies” sets the tone for the album as one that is incomparable to any other. As you listen and the music pulls you in, and the beat has you bouncing in your seat, you may try to categorize what you are listening to but won’t be able to. Although the message is a Christian based one, the sound is something so fascinatingly exclusive that one will come to the determination that Ron Riley is his own genre.

The following track begins with a dominating beat sequence that shocks you into motion almost instantly. Ron tunes in with some mellow vocals, even maybe a little classical in nature with the background following suit as he begins telling a story of being lost, walking around in circles, far from the heart of God, searching for a savior, a hero. He builds us up to the chorus which is also the title of the track “Help is on the Way”.

“We Rockin” is just what it says. You will be rockin’ as you play this song. It begins with an oriental feel giving us an idea of how diversified the music interest of Ron Riley really is. He is calling for a celebration with good vibrations, the beat is heavy shakin’ the hell below. We rock and roll and praise our way to a place where there are no limits. The kids will fall in love with this song as will people of all ages as the energy of this selection will liberate you into a mood of celebration. You may not even have a reason to celebrate, you’ll just know you feel like it!

Ron teams up with another fascinating artist, Ron Lyles, for track 4 of this album. The Rons bear the contents of their hearts and will pull at the hearts of all who listen as they render “Transformed”. The song is about change and making the decision to transform and become everything God has destined. The song is based from is Romans 12:2, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” There is nothing else to say behind that, except take heed! Be ye transformed!

Worship begins as “King of my Heart” starts to play. Ron is now entering into a phase of the album where loves on our hero, you love me for me, and nothing else matters, I’m happily ever after with you. He continues on to serenade the king of his heart with the final song “Surround Me”. It is a perfect finale to this album of allegiance to our conqueror Jesus Christ. “Surround Me” features the man, his instrument, and his God. A simple and beautiful song, with the pure vocals of Ron Riley is showing yet another aspect of his musicality. As strings join in later further delightful melody, Ron asks the Lord to surround him and keep him safe again. A fair request for someone so God gifted and talented.

I believe this is the rebirth of Ron Riley!

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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