Social Media Marketing Strategist Nicky Saunders and an honest conversation on Christian dating.

In the world of content creation and social media strategy, Nicky Saunders is an influential voice who educates her mass following on growing their online presence with techniques that are organic and impactful.

How did Saunders get her start in social media marketing?

The Navy veteran turned entrepreneur and podcaster took her New York “hustle”, love for music, and video editing skills and turned it into one of the most sought-after social media marketing agencies. 

How did free game turn into a successful business?  Consistency on IG reels and lives, coupled with a love for people.  After helping Dr. Eric Thomas, the #1 motivational speaker in the world, grow his social media from 300K to 2.1 million, the brand Saunders was in high demand.  “So of course, when you do something like that people are like, yo help me!”  But it wasn’t until people started blowing up her DMs did the social media strategist decided to go all in.  

Saunders is driven to help her digital community by not only giving them tools and resources that are distinctive from others; but shows them how to become comfortable telling their personal stories in a way that is authentic. “That is the true growth of your brand when you are truly who you are.  You really can be who you are and there is an audience for you,” says Saunders.

Growing up in the Catholic church and attending Catholic school, Saunders was church-shamed because of her sexuality.  After battling depression and hitting rock bottom she began to develop her own personal relationship with God.  “[Jesus]That’s the homey.  We speak every single day!  I pray and then I meditate so I can listen.” 

Elevating her own social media marketing strategy

For a long time, Saunders did not want to be in the spotlight, preferring to stay in the background.  “Shout out to everybody who goes to therapy.  I go to therapy on a regular!”   It wasn’t until one of her sessions where she was practicing visualization that she had an epiphany.  “I feel like there’s something next.”  Her therapist asked her to describe what she saw, “I see this globe, this sphere thing, but I can’t go inside of it.  And I thought that was the next thing.” 

That’s when, with the help of her therapist, she began to understand.  “You can’t figure out what’s in there, because you haven’t stepped out as you; truly.  You think people see you now, wait until people see you come out,” Saunders states confidently.  “I was never meant to truly be in the background, but I was meant to serve.”

Another lesson the sneakerhead learned; is that it is okay to be super direct.  “The way I grew up and going into the Navy, you have to stay in line in certain situations.  There are people who really just want facts.  They want to be directed. Now the great thing is that I’ll give you directness and then I’ll be like I love you…we’re going to figure this out together.  It’s okay to be blunt with people as long as you’re not disrespectful,” Saunders asserts.

For aspiring social media content creators, the personal branding specialist insists, “It starts with self-awareness and authenticity.  Honestly, we’re done with the fake lifestyles we see right through it.  Know who you are before you jump on social media.  Know who you are before you start creating content!”  Saunders stresses the importance of knowing your strengths and limitations and showing up consistently.   

Real Talk Topic; Christian Dating and abstinence

Should Christians test drive in relationships?   DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss Christian dating and abstinence.  “I brought this topic up for two reasons,” Focus says.  “I talk to a lot of people.  Not only in my church, but in the barbershop and different places.  Is it realistic to keep yourself before you get married?  Ninety-five percent of men said no.” 

People are struggling with pureness says Dice, “It’s thrown in our face.  It’s on candy commercials and soap powder commercials.  The world has oversexualized every single thing.  It could be a car commercial and you’ll be like what?!   People make sexual songs and create sexual clothes.  It’s stimulating.” 

Deconstruction applies to our beliefs about sex as well.  “We have perverted sex.  God’s intent was for us to stay virgins, get married and enjoy our husband and wife on honeymoon.  And live that life there in full.”  Focus explains. 

1 Corinthians 16:18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.  What does that mean?  The effects of fornication are not only physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual as well.  From soul ties to depression and low self-esteem, there are long-lasting effects of promiscuity.  Not to mention children born out of “wedlock” and the probability of being raised in a “broken” home. 

How then do we turn the tide?   That’s one of the reasons DJ Focus created Da Fixx.  A space where the community can come together and discuss the issues that are directly impacting us today and examine the scriptures as medicine to spiritually detox from the world.  The CHH community must be diligent in creating art to combat what the world is feeding us.  Detoxing minds and ministering to the next generation. 

Tune in on weekday mornings at 6 am est. to Da Fixx on Holy Culture Radio Sirius XM Channel 154.  Follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join the conversation. 

Social media marketing and brand strategist Nicky Saunders and an honest conversation about Christian dating and abstinence.
Social media strategist Nicky Saunders
Social media marketing strategist Nicky Saunders and an honest conversation about Christian dating.
Social Media Marketing Strategist Nicky Saunders