The New App Making Waves on Social Media and The 2023 Stellar Awards Celebrity Showdown

Hi everyone, it’s your host DJ Focus, and I’m here to share some exciting insights from our recent podcast episode. My co-host, Dice Gamble, and I had a thrilling discussion about our participation in a celebrity basketball game in Las Vegas, the Stellar Awards, and the rising popularity of a new social media app, Threads. Let’s dive in!

The Celebrity Basketball Game and Stellar Awards

Our conversation kicked off with the anticipation of the celebrity basketball game. We’re thrilled to be part of this event, playing alongside and against some notable figures like Bishop Marvin Sapp and Dr. Jamal Bryant. The personal stakes are high, and the motivation is even higher.

We also touched on the Stellar Awards happening that week. The excitement is palpable, and we can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Introducing Our Guests: Trevonne Perry and Gabriel Tyus

Our guests for the episode were Trevonne Perry and Gabriel Tyus, both talented figures in the music industry and our opponents in the upcoming game. We delved into their roles in the industry, with a special focus on Gabriel Tyus’s work as a promoter. We highlighted the crucial role of gospel promoters in connecting artists with opportunities and fostering relationships.

The Importance of Trust and Belief

One of the key takeaways from our discussion was the importance of treating people right and promoting oneself to succeed in any field. We shared experiences of starting businesses and overcoming dark periods in our lives. We emphasized the power of sharing our stories and how they can impact others.

The Anticipation of the Celebrity Basketball Game

As we shifted our discussion to the upcoming celebrity basketball game and the Stellar Weekend event, we couldn’t help but express our anticipation for the reunion and the opportunity to network with others in the industry. We even had a playful banter about our basketball skills and a friendly challenge on the court.

The Rise of Threads: A New Social Media App

Our conversation took an interesting turn when we started discussing the new social media app, Threads. With its growing popularity and 80 million users, we highlighted its advantages over Twitter, such as the ability to post full YouTube videos and its transparency. We also touched on the Spill app, a black-owned app overshadowed by Threads due to Zuckerberg’s influence.

The Future of Social Media

We pondered the future of social media, questioning whether Threads will last or if it’s just a temporary trend. We also discussed the ongoing debate between Zuckerberg and Elon Musk about wealth and the possibility of someone developing a new and advanced social media platform in the future.

Balancing Multiple Social Media Platforms

We shared our experiences with various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the challenges of balancing them. We expressed our frustration with the character limit on Twitter and the drama that often occurs there.

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Social Media and The 2023 Stellar Awards Trevonne Perry
Trevonne Perry on the Stellar Awards Blue Carpet
Promoter Gabriel Tyus: Social Media and The 2023 Stellar Awards
Gabriel Tyus


The Stellar Week [00:01:28] Discussion about the upcoming 38th annual Stellar Awards and the second annual celebrity basketball game.

The New Threads App [00:04:11] Discussion about the new social media app called Threads and its fast-growing popularity.

Gabriel Tyus and Promotions [00:07:21] Interview with Gabriel Tyus, a promoter in the music industry, discussing his role and how he got into promotions.

The challenges of being a promoter [00:13:36] Gabriel Tyus discusses the challenges of gaining trust from artists and individuals due to past negative experiences.

The importance of the celebrity basketball game [00:14:51] The excitement for the celebrity basketball game and highlights how it brings the community together.

Looking forward to Stellar weekend [00:16:04] The anticipation for the Stellar weekend, describing it as a reunion and a chance to have fun and network with others in the industry.

Connecting with Gabriel Tyus on social media [00:17:50] Gabriel Taylor shares his social media handles and promotes an upcoming event and the basketball game.

Trash talk and anticipation for the basketball game [00:19:22] DJ Focus expresses excitement for the upcoming basketball game, discusses strategies, and engages in friendly trash talk with Trevonne Perry.

The gospel coming to the forefront [00:26:59] Discussion about the impact of the gospel and how it keeps coming to the forefront despite attempts to push it back.

Bringing back authenticity in music [00:28:01] The need to bring back authentic and original music, avoiding carbon copies and embracing individuality.

Trash talk and anticipation for a basketball game [00:33:01] Trash talk and excitement for a celebrity basketball game happening in Vegas, with playful banter.

The migration to Threads app [00:36:09] Discussion on the migration of users from Twitter to the Threads app and the advantages of the app over Twitter.

Zuckerberg and Elon Musk’s debate [00:40:04] Discussion on the ongoing debate between Zuckerberg and Elon Musk about wealth and their competition to be the richest.

The future of social media platforms [00:44:08] Discussion on the potential advancements in social media platforms and the longevity of the Threads app.

The safety of Facebook [00:45:21] Discussion on why some people still use Facebook and perceive it as a safer platform compared to others.

Twitter drama and exhaustion [00:45:21 – 00:46:05] Explanation of why people are “over” Twitter due to the drama, disgust, and political aspects associated with the platform.

The advantages of Threads app [00:46:53 – 00:47:18] Exploration of the benefits of using the Threads app, such as increased character limit, ability to post links, and improved communication and visibility for businesses.

The accountability aspect of the app [00:55:21] Discussion on how the app allows users to see other people’s behavior and conversations, providing an accountability aspect.

The advantages of threads over Twitter [00:55:40] The speaker explains how threads allow users to post in one place and see others’ comments, giving a better understanding of who they are.

Concerns about control over the app [00:56:43] Conversation about the app’s algorithm and content distribution remain uncontrolled, allowing for genuine networking and conversation.


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