Sports, Faith, and Culture: A Winning Combination with Chris Broussard

On this episode Da Fixx squad welcomes special guest, Chris Broussard, a sports analyst from Fox Sports, who talks about his faith and career in sports media. They discuss the importance of embracing faith as a lifestyle and reaching out to others. In the real talk segment, they have an honest conversation about insecurity, the impact of the internet, and the need for unity among believers.

Faith as a Lifestyle

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble kicked off the show by encouraging listeners to embrace their faith and show love to others every day. They emphasized that faith should not be confined to church activities but should be a lifestyle. They mentioned reaching out to Sara and Aisha, fellow believers with faith-related shows, and their mission to expose the culture to positive and relevant music that spreads the message of Jesus Christ.

Chris Broussard: A Bold Faith in Sports Media

We then introduced our special guest, Chris Broussard, who is known for his bold faith in an industry where many people don’t talk about it. Chris shared that there are many Christians in the sports media industry, including former athletes and broadcasters. He even mentioned a Bible study that used to take place at ESPN, where he previously worked.

NBA Finals: Nuggets vs. Heat

The conversation then shifted to the NBA Finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. Chris shared his thoughts on the matchup, expressing admiration for Denver Nuggets player Nikola Jokic, whom he considers the best player in the world. He compared Jokic to Larry Bird, praising his court savvy, intelligence, passing ability, and versatility on offense. He also commended the Miami Heat for their grit, execution, and smart play, crediting their coach, Erik Spoelstra, for their impressive performance.

The Future of the NBA

When asked about the future of the NBA, Broussard expressed his belief that the league is in a great place. He predicted that other teams would learn from Miami’s example and prioritize playing hard. He also discussed a three-on-three basketball tournament that he organizes and his involvement in a project called “Share the Dream” that promotes unity and justice based on the principles of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Power of the Gospel in Hip Hop

Broussard then talked about the state of hip hop, expressing his appreciation for the growth of Christian hip hop and the respect it receives from mainstream artists. He emphasized the power of the gospel message, even if it is delivered by imperfect vessels. We expressed our gratitude to Chris Broussard for his positive influence and representation of a strong man of faith.

The Impact of Believers in the Public Eye

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discussed the importance of believers being respected in the world for their talents and success. They emphasized the impact that Christians in the public eye can have on ministering to others and bringing them to the Lord. They also mentioned the NBA Finals and the possibility of the Denver Nuggets winning their first championship.

Insecurity and Its Negative Effects

The conversation then shifted to the topic of insecurity and its negative effects on individuals and relationships. They discussed the biblical perspective on insecurity and the importance of trusting oneself and God. They also addressed the lack of support and unity within the body of believers and challenged listeners to love and support one another.

Overcoming Insecurity

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble emphasized the importance of giving insecurities to God and walking in faith rather than fear. They highlighted how insecurity can ruin relationships, whether it’s in marriage, friendships, or with children. They encouraged listeners to examine their hearts and guard against negative thoughts and words that stem from insecurity.

The Importance of Faith and Trusting in God

Towards the end of the show, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discussed the importance of faith and trusting in God during difficult times. They mentioned how Young Fly, a rapper, showed his faith at his girlfriend’s funeral by openly talking about God and asking for prayers. They emphasized that many artists and celebrities actually have a strong faith in God, contrary to popular belief.

Unity and Biblical Principles

They then shifted the conversation to their recent interview with Chris Broussard, highlighting his views on the church needing to do a better job of unity and not being divided by political affiliations. They expressed their agreement with Broussard’s perspective and discussed the importance of standing up for biblical principles in a society that often disregards them.


This episode was a powerful reminder of the importance of faith, unity, and the power of the gospel in our everyday lives. You can find Chris Broussards Share the Dream Bible Study Guide, on Amazon. Thank you for tuning in. Please drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts on the show.

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Chris Broussard, Fox Sports


The introduction and discussion of ministry as a lifestyle [00:00:26] The importance of showing the love of Christ every day and living out ministry in all aspects of life.

Discussion about insecurities and potential guest appearance [00:03:24] Insecurities as a topic of discussion and consider reaching out to a guest who has experience with insecurities.

Introduction of special guest Chris Broussard and discussion about faith in sports media [00:05:43] Introducing Chris Broussard as a sports analyst who boldly shares his faith and discuss his impact in the sports media industry.

Jokic: The Best Player in the World [00:09:23] Discussion about Jokic being the best player in the world and his similarities to Larry Bird.

Miami Heat’s Grit and Smart Play [00:09:58] Praising the Miami Heat for their grit, execution, and smart play in the NBA Finals.

The Rise of International Players [00:16:21] Exploring the dominance of international players in the NBA and the need for change in American basketball development.

The 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament [00:20:25] Discussion about hosting a basketball tournament, including the need for a 35 and over tournament and the details of the event.

MLK Share the Dream [00:22:01] Talking about a project that focuses on using the principles taught by Martin Luther King Jr. to promote unity and justice in America.

State of Hip Hop [00:26:30] Opinions on the current state of hip hop, including the positive growth of Christian hip hop and thoughts on mainstream hip hop and its subgenres.

The importance of believers being respected in secular fields [00:31:36] Discussion about how believers who are respected in secular fields can minister to others and bring them to the Lord.

Scripture verse and sports update [00:32:22] Sharing a scripture verse from Lamentations and providing updates on the NBA Finals and baseball games.

Insecurity and lack of trust [00:34:45] Conversation about insecurity, self-doubt, and lack of trust in oneself and in God, and the negative effects it can have on relationships and unity within the body of believers.

Insecurity and its impact on relationships [00:41:56] Discussion on how insecurity can ruin relationships and the importance of giving insecurities to God.

The influence of the internet on insecurity [00:42:47] Exploration of how the internet capitalizes on fear and insecurity and the need to be cautious about what we involve ourselves in.

Men’s insecurity about wealth and possessions [00:45:13] Insight into how men’s insecurities about money and success can lead to competition and judgment among peers.

The importance of humility and seeking knowledge [00:51:05] The importance of humbling oneself and seeking knowledge from others, regardless of their status or position.

Learning from successful individuals [00:51:50] Encouraging approaching successful individuals, such as billionaires, to learn from their experiences and gain knowledge.

The negative impact of insecurity and the need for a supportive circle [00:52:45] Discussion on the negative impact of insecurity and advises listeners to surround themselves with supportive and honest friends who encourage personal growth.

Young Fly’s affirmation [01:00:58] Discussion about Young Fly’s speech at his girlfriend’s funeral, where he confidently expressed his faith in God.

Conversation with Chris Broussard [01:02:38] Highlights from the conversation with Chris Broussard, including the need for the church to stop being hypocritical and divisive, and the idea of believers creating their own political party.

The importance of unity and coming together [01:08:09] Discussion about the power and value of unity among believers, with examples of how Holy Culture Radio and its hosts exemplify this principle.