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STANK_Block_Boi=200Stank Records is proud to introduce ‘P-Duble’ and announce the release of his full-length studio album, “Stank: Block Boi.” The “STANK: Block Boi” concept comes from a series of trials that affected ‘P-Duble’ in the summer of 2008, combined with his testimony of coming-up through the ranks of the Chicago-based Folk Nation. It was that summer that he experienced the death of his wife and one of his long-time best friends from childhood; both in the span of less than a week.

STANK: Block Boi sets a musical tone as therapeutic for P-Duble as evangelical to the listener. It is at once personal, complex, powerful, melodic, and memorable. The album takes you on a life-long trip from P-Duble’s birth, through his street struggles, the
devastating summer of 2008 and to the current-day; where he deals with the deaths, his past, his ghosts, skeletons, and fears – all the while striving to pick-up his cross daily and stay focused, STANK: Block Boi is part fun, part sad, part reminiscent, part anthem, and part haunting like gum stuck on the bottom of your soul.

This release is poignant, yet sensitive enough to touch even those whom are the most faint of heart.

STANK: Block Boi, the new release from P-Duble, is available on-line through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, ReverbNation, the Bus Shop, Holy Culture Downloads, NSI Nation’s The Circle; as well as physically at other fine establishments in a neighborhood near you. Please follow the adventures of P-Duble on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Stank Records proudly presents for your listening pleasure ‘P-Duble.’ Take it away, Pookie!

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