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Hey Ya’ll!

It’s been like a month sinced I’ve been on HC blogging!  Wow!  So sorry to anyone that follows this!

Lately, I’ve been working on growth.  I want my trust in God to grow!  I want to be closer to him.  I want to know his ways and follow.

Also, I’ve still been working on new music for others and myself!  I’m working on a a new song as we speak called “Do it Right the 1st Time.”

I have done a few major shows lately and got a few more major 1s coming up.  I headlined a show that Cross Movement put together in Philly & it was awesome!  I was so honored just to be apart!

Tomorrow I rap @ Viktory’s album release concert!  It’s gonna be CRAZY!!!!

Friday I rap at the Cincinnati Reds game!  Yay!

Pettidee & I are working on a trip to Zambia (Africa).  It’ll be my 1st time out of the country.

Air Jordan video is still in the works!  Lots of opposition.  I so wanna do this video!

I’m amped.  Excited!  Challenged!  Let’s do this thang (let’s do this thang)!  The Lord is God (the Lord is God!)!

Grapes & Peaches.

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