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Armond (@armondwakeup) is in the final stretch of a IndieGogo campaign for his new album Kairos. With artists like Japhia Life, Wes Pendleton, Wit, Swoope and more collaborating, I’m sure it’s going to be a hit. Here’s a word from Armond:

The definition of Kairos is a moment in time that presents an opportunity for change.  These Kairos moments appear in our lives several times a day; some blatant, others are a little more faint.  It is the very essence of how God works.  More often than not, He is not a big bang God; He is very subtle, but He is also very deliberate & very meticulous.

If we think back to The Karate Kid, the chores that Mr. Miyagi had Daniel repetitiously complete were not only the cornerstone of his physical training, they also provided discipline, trust & confidence in the goal he was trying to reach.  When we pray for things, God responds by creating opportunities to teach us how to handle what it is we prayed for long before we get it.  His greatest concern is our character, not our accomplishments.

Read the rest and donate here.

Kickstarter ends December 1st.

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