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SYD - The Hungers Back

SYD - The Hungers Back

When I watch movies, I like not knowing anything about the movie before I watch it, that way I don’t have any expectations. That is exactly how it was for me with SYD’s album “The Hungers Back”. I had heard of SYD but never really heard anything from him. This album was my intro to him as an artist and I think it was a good one. SYD proves himself and why he should be called a Christian rapper. “The Hungers Back” has some powerhouse featured artists on it like; Ryan Horton, Urban D, Tony Stone, Verse, Eshon Burgundy and more. The best part is, SYD isn’t defined by the guests on the album but makes the album his own and the guests are a plus. Lets take a closer look at the album piece by piece.

Let’s start with production. The beats chosen for the album are very diverse, ranging from club feel beats all the say to hip-hop worship. Regardless of your style, this album will have a beat that you will like. I am a true believer that just because you don’t like a beat, doesn’t mean it isn’t well made. So, whether or not you like all of the beats on the album, you can agree with me that “The Hungers Back” has great quality production.

Next lets talk about lyrics and gospel message, since they go hand-in-hand. Although I know SYD put his all into this album, I personally feel like it was lacking both with lyrics and gospel message. Let me explain why I feel this way. Although SYD talks about God in most all of the songs, that seemed to be it. He didn’t take it farther than that, again for the most part, not all tracks. An example of this would be, how he talks about taking the gospel to the streets but never talks about what the gospel is. Another thing that didn’t set right with me, is he calls Jesus his “homeboy”. I don’t like the idea of talking about a holy God like he is one of us. I know SYD didn’t mean anything by it, it just didn’t set right with me. I thought the lyrics where lacking on some songs because the rhymes seemed way to simple and sometimes choppy. Please don’t get the wrong idea, SYD had songs where his lyrics were great, like “Everything” and “The Hunger’s Back”. He also has great songs focusing on Christ, like “Holy God” and “Life After Death”.

A review is just the opinion of the listener and this is my opinion. I would never suggest that you rely solely on this review. Head over to and preview the album for yourself and while your on there check out some other artists that you have never heard of. Who knows, your new favorite rapper might be there just waiting for you or your new favorite rapper might just be SYD. Although I don’t give this album a high rating, I most certainly look forward to hearing more from SYD in the future.

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