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Tebow: Unashamed.

Published on January 14, 2012

Everyone’s talking about him, from unbelievers to believers: Tim Tebow. After the incredible upset over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs, how can you not talk about it?

I’ll admit, I didn’t think they were going to win. But, I like Tim. His humble attitude on and off the field is a sight to be seen. And his love for God is like a breath of fresh air. After all, it’s rare to find in the media, much less in everyday life. A lot of people call themselves Christian, but few people actually live it out. As Matthew 7:16 says, “You will know them by their fruits…”

But Christian or not, this is the NFL Playoffs and the Pittsburgh Steelers not only have the upper hand on experience but also on weapons. Their defense is amazing, not to mention having Troy Polamalu (one of the best strong safety out there) and on offense, Big Ben is dangerous. It’s like David facing Goliath. I saw a team that was like a dangerous giant and the other like a little boy with a slingshot and we all know who won there. Tim Tebow isn’t the greatest QB out there and even though I was rooting for the Broncos, they probably won’t win. Boy was I wrong! After the way he played on Sunday, it was crazy and coming away with an upset was crazier! And, I have to say it was quite ironic how he passed for 316 yards. There are many speculations on that but I won’t get into it all. Nevertheless, on Sunday we saw that no matter what the odds are, if it’s God’s will, no man can stop it!

The game was amazing, but people aren’t only talking about the upset but also about Tebow’s faith in Jesus Christ. His boldness is so unorthodox that him kneeling down to pray on the field has become known as “Tebowing”. It’s truly amazing to see someone be so bold about the gospel: how he gives glory to God each opportunity he gets, professes his faith, and you gotta love him singing praises to God during the game. Although there are and have been so many other Christian athletes, Tebow may be one of the most unashamed professional athletes the world as ever witness.

As Christians, being unashamed of the Gospel, professing it and being a living example of the Bible is what we are called to do. Tebow is just doing what God calls all of us to do. The impact Tim Tebow has is amazing but as Christians it should be something commonly seen in our own lives. Our impact may not be as big as Tebow’s as we are probably not nationally recognized, but we have to remember that any impact (although we may consider it small) for the sake of the Gospel plays a major role.

This whole “Tim Tebow” era should be a sort of wake-up call to us Christian. The world is fascinated because quite frankly they’ve never seen anything like it. So the question to ask is what have you been doing?  I know sometimes I don’t reflect Christ as I should and it shames me to admit. I’m not the only one, I’m sure others feel the same. So let’s evaluate ourselves, in the public eye and in private, are we reflecting Christ? Do people around you see you as someone who is transformed by the daily renewing your mind in the God’s Word or do they look at you like nothing is different, just like everyone else? The answer could be the problem.

The world has tried to take Christ out of everything, but they can’t. The impact of the Gospel is like oxygen, it can’t be stopped. The world could try to ignore it but it something we all need. Without oxygen, we all will die. Nevertheless, I admire Tim Tebow, we could learn from him in a way and whether he wins or loses against the New England Patriots on January 14th, it’s the will of God. What I’m trying to say is be about our Father’s business, my friends. We are made to reflect our Savior. What’s stopping you?

Keep Tebowing everyone!

Written by: Sweetness

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