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Terrell – Statement

In “Statement,” Terrell challenges his peers to remember WHO and what the call of music is really about. He has hopes that this will urge his brothers and sisters in Christian hip hop to get back to the great commission.

Move in obedience to God that’s what I do
Don’t cater to feelings tell the truth
From nation to nation
I’m here to make a statement
Groove I do my dance for the Most High
Never lose I’m in the hands of the Most High
Until the Church has awakened
I’m here to make a statement

(Look) Do it for the king you know the name I’m reppin’
Taking back His territory yeah that’s how I’m steppin’
Straight applying pressure the Word still the weapon
It looks flawless when you put them years into preppin’
I let it slow cook this was in the crock pot
It takes patience if you want your game top-notch
This for the lamb I don’t care who they say the goat is
Actually we just had a talk before I wrote this
He said alright son listen to me focus
I need fire nothing sweet nothing sugar coated
Make the message clear so it don’t need to be decoded
So I’m putting every Christian rapper on notice
‘Cause I’ve noticed they don’t mention Jesus when they rhyme
It’s like their tails tucked between their legs or they don’t got no spine
This is no diss it’s a wake up call
His return coming soon come on wake up y’all

It’s a war for your soul that’s why this message is urgent
It’s a war for your soul that’s why my prayers is fervent
I laid down my will and took the role of a servant
I’m cleaning up the game I even brought the detergent
See I can’t do that zombie language that mumble rap
I’m tryna wake up the dead cause Jesus is coming back
My mind is in a different dimension
Do y’all got dementia it seems like y’all forgot the commission
Y’all forgot to play your positions and I’m calling you out
I’m like that nosey neighbor all in your business
And it’s all love I promise this out of love
So before you get in your feelings remember it’s all love
If we don’t do it for each other who gon hold us accountable
Christ came so we could have life and have it bountiful
But to have life you got to lay aside your sin
He’s knocking at your door let Him in

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