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Terry Did’Um “Streets Are Watching”
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: A. Praiser
Committee Rating:  (3.67 of 5)
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How do you review a project that contains some of the top artists in the game without just assuming everything is gonna be FIRE? Here’s my funny experience with this project though. When I was handed the task of reviewing Terry Did’Um – The Streets are Watching Vol. 1, I had no clue who Terry Did’Um was. When I review a project, I really like to listen to it even before reading the credits. Such was the case with this project.

When I first heard the project I thought Terry Did’Um was a rapper. I am listening and thinking to myself, man, he has so many featured guests I can’t make out which voice is his… So, before the second time through I asked the question, “Who is Terry Did’Um?” To my surprise, I find out that he’s the producer

Ahhh.. The Streets are Watching – Volume 1. I guess the Volume 1 part should have tipped me off. This is a collection of “something” with more to come. If so, we should expect a Volume 2. Do not be fooled though, this is more along the lines of a full length CD with the components of a compilation.

Terry Did’Um did a great job in putting this project together. There are many different flavors all over the project. There’s a great combination of artists on it that perhaps would not be on a CD together otherwise. At least I don’t think so.

Let’s see, we have Platinum Souls, Big P., Mahogany Jones, Andale’, Daniel Nathan, 2Five, Soul P., Kristina Ray, Celah, Yolanda Harriws, Jupiter 7, Prolific, Tha G.I.M., Tre-C, Epic & B. Whew!  What a line up.  Some of these artists on this CD have current projects or there own out in the market. To have them all on the same CD is definitely a formula for quality. Did they deliver? Let’s see.

The Streets Are Watching is not just a compilation of leftover beats featuring whatever emcees are available. The diversity of artists and the variety of beats keeps one listening in anticipation for what’s coming next. After this project hits everyone’s ears I can only think that Terry Did’Um is going to be one busy producer. However, not all of the songs hit as hard as I was hoping for. That’s not Terry’s fault though.

The first six tracks come off really strong. With lyricists like Platinum Souls, Mahogany Jones, Andale’ and 2Five within the first five or six tracks; if you had stopped the CD there and moved on you would have a Five Star project. (Boy, I really wanted to give this a good review)… The next 8-9 tracks just didn’t grab me. It wasn’t until the very end of the CD, when Platinum Souls reappears, that I realized that I was listening to, what started off as, a good CD. Basically, they lost me after the first few songs.

My least favorite track was No No No feat: Celah and Yolanda Harriws. Not sure if it was a reggae track gone bad or not but it didn’t appear to me as if the rapper and the track really connected. Come to think of it, it might be the bad hook on the song that kept throwing me off. Appropriately named, I don’t think this track did the project any justice. Naturally, (here comes my disclaimer) this is just my opinion and it’s not intended to be a dis. I know people get really bothered when they hear negative reviews but my responsibility is to be fair, honest and truthful. For those that just want to just hear one thing, here you go; “This Entire CD is a Banger”. (Excuse me as I go to the back room to repent).

OK, Thank you, Lord. Where was I? oh…

Epic & B. rock on a track called “Who You Represent”. Don’t get it twisted. It’s not a Richie Righteous remake. The hook is probably the best part of this song. The rap verses sound forced upon this beat.

And now, how about the Auto Tune, which I thought we were done with. Deliver Me by Daniel Nathan is probably the first track I ever heard where I honestly wished the played out effect would have stayed on. It starts off with a good sounding Auto Tune effect to give it this nice RnB sound on the hook but once the effect is dropped so is the feel of the track.

Don’t get me wrong y’all; there is definitely something on this CD for everyone. (Why do we always say that?) The flows are all different and unique but if you are looking for a project that’s hot from top to bottom I have to kill your expectations now… Sorry

Terry Did’Um’s production skills are definitely the shine on this project as long as you can block out those tracks where the emcees just don’t deliver.

Believe it or not, I am looking forward to Terry Did’Um’s next project. I am hoping that access to better emcees will help take his project to the next level. Hey, if you are an artist out there looking for production, I definitely recommend Terry Did’Um. He’s flexed his skills and displayed his talent on this project. We can’t forget that this is a Terry Did’Um CD so, with that in mind,  there is no doubt that he did his thing.

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Review Committee
Review by: A.Praiser

Rated by:
Anonymous Admin – Avg Rating: 3.98
A.Praiser – Avg Rating: 3.55
DJ Guardian – Avg Rating: 3.48

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