Testimony: A Musician’s Story – Adrien Lamont


In this episode of Testimony: A Musician’s Story I interview Adrien Lamont, a rising star in the Christian music industry. However, Lamont says that although the foundation of his music is in Christ, he makes music for the streets. “I’m tired of segregating myself from the secular industry. There’s a place for me in this music industry to find people who have not found Christ.”

Lamont grew up in Southern California and lost his father when he was four years old from respiratory issues – due to his heroin addiction. Unfortunately, addiction didn’t just pass away with his father. For most of Lamont’s young adult years, he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. His addiction led him to invite demonic spirits into his life. Over time he developed schizophrenia and had psychotic episodes often. This made him an outcast to his friends and family. However, his family had no idea he was dealing with demonic oppression, they just thought he was crazy.

Life wasn’t easy for the young adult. In fact, he was standing at a bus stop contemplating suicide when a modern-day John the Baptist type walked up to him and invited him to a church conference. At this conference, he gave his life to God and his whole life changed. He went into sober living, started working and serving for the church, and met a woman who would become his wife. But the biggest change occurred when the psychotic episode ceased after meeting his now-wife. Lamont believes that he was never schizophrenic, but that he was fighting demonic oppression.

The title of his song “Won’t He Do It” takes on a bigger meaning, once you know Lamont’s testimony! Although Lamont may not consider himself to be in the Christian music industry, “ I’m too hood for Christian hip hop and I’m too Christian for hip hop”, there is no denying that God is in his music. “I don’t wanna put out a song if God‘s hand is not on it. I’m a warrior for Christ. I’m a martyr for Christ.”

Additionally, Adrien Lamont breaks down “They Can’t Top It”, “Won’t He Do It”, “Big Things”, and “Unique” in the 4-song-breakdown.