Testimony: A Musician’s Story – Porscha Love’s Interview

In this episode of Testimony: A Musician’s Story I interview one of Christian Hip Hop’s talented artists from Detroit, Porsha Love, who shares her Christian testimony.

The evidence that God’s presence is apparent in Porsha Love’s life begins with her praying during this interview asking Him to bless this moment.

Porsha tells us how she always loved church, even as a little child.

“I used to beg my momma to take me to church.”

At the age of 3 or 4 years old she would freestyle rap with her brother and always had a gift for rap.

Her mother loved music and it influenced her to pursue music.

In high school, she developed her love for music and started pursuing secular music.

Porsha Speaks about how she and her friend re-created a song originally written by Dope Boy Cash Out, but made a girl version that went viral.

As an adult, she didn’t always go to church but one day she experienced a life alternating moment where she really came to know God and started serving him. But she struggled with the feeling
that being a woman of God wasn’t serving her.

Porsha shares some exclusive details about past events, almost losing her life to car accidents and intoxication. “I knew that the
Devil was trying to take me out”, Porsha expressed.

She talks explicitly about the ‘gift of singleness’ and she uses her social media to minister to other women of God that life is not always about being married.

Also, she speaks about being in a season in her life practicing celibacy and singleness.

Christian Hip Hop as a whole is growing and Porsha Love would attest to the fact that women in this industry are making moves, “selling
out shows, growing a large fan base and killing it on stage.”

Additionally, Porsha breaks down: “70 Degrees” feat.
Miles Minnick and George.Rose, “Daniel Ch 3” feat. Cree and Kelia Coleman, “Up Tuh Speed” feat. George.Rose, and “Don’t Worry
Bout It” feat.
Wande in the 4-song-breakdown.