The 116 Life Ep. 2: CHH is dead? An eye-opening conversation with Reach Records.

Is CHH dead? Or has it evolved? Marcus and Ace, as industry veterans, share their insights and perspectives on the state of Christian Hip Hop, the culture, the community and the industry.

Christon Gray tweeted that CHH is dead and it sparked a firestorm conversation on the internet and reignited the debate on the state of CHH.

But before we get into whether or not it is dead, our host give us context and insight into their backgrounds and how they are connected to the community.

Ace opens up about his journey in the genre and being a part of the culture early on while listening to the Cross Movement and being one third of a music group. He goes on to share his first placement in CHH as a producer being Check In on Lecrae’s Rehab album.

Marcus describes how his journey into the community began; being a secular independent artist, in college before giving his life to God, hearing Lecrae’s Rehab album and how it changed his life.

After reading an article from DJ Wade-O on needing more executives in the community, Marcus decided to change course. As in marketing he did his research which led him to Ben Washer and the rest as they say is history.

CHH is dead is a derivative of Hip Hop is dead?  Is it or has it evolved?
Reach Records Execs Marcus Hollinger and Ace Harris

Kicking off the conversation; Ace breaks down the phrase CHH is dead, “It’s a derivative of Hip Hop is dead.” And as it turns out, was being said as early as 1997 when it changed from the Golden Era to the shiny suit era thanks to Diddy and Bad Boy.

Marcus goes on to explain the cyclic nature of life and how all things go thru cycles. Including music and especially business. Ebbs and Flows.

The two touch on the idea that Christian Hip Hop is not just an industry, it’s a community recalling a discussion on Ruslan’s podcast which lead our host to pose the question; is this what people are inadvertently saying? The death of a feeling of community?

What about the culture? We know that the culture is alive when the other aspects of it are thriving; including fashion, dancing and education. “I felt like what Christon was doing was making space for other expressions of the culture.”, says Marcus.

How does success or our view of success affect our interpretation of whether or not the genre is dying? New data suggest that the market share dominance of Hip Hop is in decline. What does that mean for the culture?

What does the market share analysis of CHH even look like? With the way music is being consumed today and streaming; it makes it easier to be monetized, which allows for the “middle class” to be able to make a living off of music. Which brings us full circle in the conversation. Maybe it’s not that it’s dead, it’s just evolving.

We have all heard the saying that where there is smoke there is fire. So the conversation is worth having. Thank you Christon Gray.

Matter of fact it’s necessary to have the conversation. We have to ensure that the community, our community, CHH continues to grow and develop and thrive.

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