The 116 Life Ep. 7, Curating the culture and living by faith with Roy Scott

Special guest Roy Scott CEO  of Healthy Hip Hop joins Marcus and Ace for a conversation on faith and fatherhood, change and culture, Michael B. Jordan, and music.

Scott founded the social media app after an eye-opening moment with his son.  Growing up with a love for hip-hop, Scott embraced the culture and was pursuing music professionally when one day he and his son were in the car listening to his music. 

He noticed his son reciting his lyrics bar for bar.  Knowing the reality of what he was pouring into him, the Midwest rapper decided to put down the mic.  “I said I’m done with all music.  I’m just going to focus on getting closer to God.  Get closer to my wife and my children…I isolated myself and I got deep into the word of God.” 

Understanding the impact of hip-hop, the need for positive music and a deep love for the culture, Scott heeded the call.  “As I gave it all up, he [God] gave it all back to me.  He gave me this vision of doing it for the kids and doing it for me [God}…that’s when you got healthy hip hop.”

What is it?  Healthy Hip Hop is a safe space; complete with music where families can enjoy hip-hop culture together.  Like a hip hop Tik Tok.  But with appropriate family-friendly content that’s culturally relevant.   

His faith was magnified when he would meet other hip-hop parents who shared his love of the culture and desire for more positive messages they could enjoy with their children. Parents would tell Scott, “I can enjoy real hip-hop culture without any of the nonsense,” One thing about God, he’s going to give you confirmation.   

In the years since Christian Hip Hop caught the world’s attention, our community has seen a generation of men who grew up without fathers in the home determined to change the tide.  Scott says he knew as early as six years old that when he’d become a father, he’d give all he has to keep his family unit together.  “When I had him [son] it was like I have something greater to live for.  I love him more than I loved myself,” he chuckles.  “I was actually loving my son more than I loved God and I had to rearrange that!”

We always say God works in mysterious ways.  I know it’s not written in the bible.  But there is some bible truth there.  God used Scotts’ pain to bring him into his presence thru the father-son relationship and into full submission and effective music ministry.  “When you’re having a faith moment…a transformation moment, in an innocent way we end up trading one idol for another, “Ace explains.  “The fact that you had a son and it put that seed in you to do something great.  And [God] used it for something wise.”

Transitioning into the digital age was easy for the entrepreneur.  What started as performing at birthday parties and selling CDs would become a tool for educators.  “How are we going to scale this?” Scott unable to maintain, had to come up with something.  “That’s when we developed the curriculum around the music…I’m at the age where I was on the cutting edge of technology…any business that was scaling up they had some type of innovative software.   Restaurant industry…you’re looking at Door Dash or Uber Eats.  Same with the automotive industry, there’s Uber, Lyft and then you go on down the list.  The film industry is Netflix and Hulu…Now we can be in thousands of schools thru technology.”

The difficulty lay elsewhere.  After closing a deal with Shark Tanks Kevin O’Leary only to lose it six months later.  With a great product and brand, Scott put his trust in God, regrouped, restructured his business model, and kept it moving.  “You just gotta keep the faith strong.”

After winning several other business pitch competitions and linking up with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Michael B. Jordan, Scott is learning to navigate spaces that may be spiritually ambiguous.  “I’ve been leaning into the word.  Making sure that the things I’m doing stand on this.  I’m not bending who I am,” he declares.  Making prayer a part of his business meeting regimen has helped him maintain that submission to God as he crosses new levels. 

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Special guest Roy Scott CEO  of Healthy Hip Hop joins Marcus and Ace for a conversation on faith and fatherhood, change and culture, Michael B. Jordan, and music.
Marcus Hollinger and Ace Harris, Reach Records